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Ready to to hear some questions from the fans from this very powerfully ready more ready than you back shortly? Okay. Sir, mr. President, sir doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor Esquire. This is from okay. I'm listening higher than one when you win reelection in 2024. What will be your first strong and powerful act that is the first part of the question. Also, once you initiate the Trump Hunger Games which one of your kids will you offer for a tribute? So it's a two-part question. A great question the first act as many of you know who have been listening. Loyally. What we're supposed to do at my inauguration is to have the Evangelical gamp defense sodomized Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and sleepy Joe Biden and I guess we'll have to do that. But I don't trust Evangelical pimp. Okay, so my page to even excuse me pass attempt. He's not a pimp Camp renew evangelist. And this is breaking news whether such a great question the new Evangelical replacing big a Mike Pence his Evangelical gimp emeritus. Is Marjorie Taylor green with a with a strong strap Bond? She will I'll just have to tell her like don't kill them. Just you know, just took them and leave them bleeding and humiliated but don't kill them. Don't go too far. You know, we want to keep it in moderation. So that's what I would do at my inauguration. And as far as the Trump Hunger Games off the first kid I would offer for tribute. Don Jr. Wow why I'm tired of him using my name and ruining it and Eric knows not to challenge me off and Ivanka. I'm not giving any Bank up to anybody. It's fair. This comes from at bobier Layla Mister president, sir, the king of all presidents when we would I am listening. When will you divorce melatonin and marry a hot young sexy woman. Do you have any women in mind any any pics? Thank you, sir King. Mr. President, sir. Sugar great question strong question with great respect. So we have to answer it. We've already drafted divorce papers as well as reserved a spot in a shipping container notice and Mesopotamia back to a country. So that's a done deal or she has to do is sign her. I don't know if she can sign a name. She's just like put like a handprint off the document and once she does that we're looking very strongly at a lot of young Talent transitions any celebrities. Jon Voight keeps telling me he wants me to bang his granddaughter. I don't even know how old she is. But he's he's pretty kooky John Bogut and not Ted Nugent right now. It was you know, sort of my new pastor. He's scouting barely legal women in the South. So he's scouting the eighteen to twenty year olds in the office for a potential new mistress Trump. So as we compiled throughout the years we can buy a list will inform you but right now I don't want to inform the we have.

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