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Angie, Mary discussed on The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show


Is that you at some point kind of you're making it work but you receded into the background so that it's part of how people do their everyday work but you've got a really earned the right to keep doing it night the the notion that you know get ahead of the planning cycle so everything's not reactive ride and that it's it's part of the cadence of how you talk about the business how you prioritise things yeah and i and i like the way you talk about i mean there should absolutely be part of it is not it isn't it you know you hear people say oh it's like revenue killing right like knows that revenue killing the rose zero i have it should be held the same this should be held the same standards as every other investment we make in the company that it's actually going to drive that's right revenue and it may not dr revenue in month wonder month too but it better drive revenue in the in the out months i mean this you know it it may end up being a longer play um but it needs to actually resonate i mean we as we built angie's will then we we we we we had a um we don't you know a lifetime value of a consumer and be ran that i mean that's when we ran the business i thought we were in the tire business it was like we know how much we're going to spend to acquire members because we know what they're going to be their behavior is going to be and we know what that's going to result in from what we can self advertising i mean you have to have that long horizon as well kind of mary to that shortterm revenue uh you know and that's and that's where these two will come to come to live in harmony uh you know it'll be things that are.

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Angie, Mary discussed on The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

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