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Price of a movie ticket four bucks. Five fifty to seventy five a stamp twenty two cents cents. Now that twenty two cents other things Calvin and Hobbes debuted in one thousand nine hundred five mckell Gorbachev replaced Constatine WinCo, by the way. I would never have guessed that you that. Wow. By the head of the USSR. You should teach the guy harms the Heisman trust to say, Brockman, Nintendo. The original Nintendo any s was released in the United States. Michael Jordan rookie of the year, and the NBA how Boris Becker became the youngest Wimbledon champion, Mr. nineteen hundred seventeen was the leading albums. You have a we are. The world was the big single. Okay. That year and Michael Jackson bought the Beatles. Catalogue for forty seven million dollars in nineteen eighty five ninety five eight also I thought you were saying like the the biggest selling album would have been sports. Oh, you Louis by Huey Lewis and the news since obviously if if back to the future was huge back in that day. It's been that long man, Los Angeles football's back, and we are one. Tennessee titans. Went away from eliminating both New York teams. And Dell Beckham's not going to be out there in that big game. Tennessee still very much sniffing. It right now. They're in the category. Sniffen it. They are definitely there's definite right now. Dolphins are sniffing. It coulter. Sniffen it taken on the Cowboys. That's a big game. We're gonna talk about with Rod Woodson pro football famous injury news from that game wetter on. Okay. Let's take some phone calls. Here are poke questions who's the the MVP front runner right now. Three quarterbacks and Todd Gurley Mahomes. Breeze. And now Riverstone his name in the mix. Jim in Vegas. Let's get Jim in Vegas on the phone line. How are you? Jim. Thanks for taking my call. Thanks for making listen, disagree with you a little bit on the Andy Reid issue of being being a coach outta problem. Last night. I'm a lifelong Kansas City fan. His all too often. Now. They. They. They're up twenty to twenty one bright got sandy eight. Are there have the chargers backed up and instead of putting pressure on rivers like that have all night. They go into that prevent defense and three plays or four plays later. They're inside the twenty once which is get the ball back. I'm thinking any any lead was thinking he had some sort of disease. And he thought that Alex Smith was still his cornerback while he will look first of all Jim it's not his fault that Bob Sutton, call that defense. And then Secondly, I mean, he ran the ball. First of all they had a penalty on the kick. And then at the ten yard line. I mean, he ran the ball. It was a as a loss of yardage. And then two plays later on third and thirteen it was a rare sack of Mahomes. I my my biggest my biggest beef with with Andy Reid is. And there's so much Talamona team that there's not that many close games. But if. If you go back over his coaching career, eight plays not to lose. And I don't think you can do that. I mean NFL anymore. I think you have to keep trying to score. And especially with the defense that they have Jim pre she at the time. Thank you, Jim in Vegas guy from Vegas as take more risks and be aggressive. No way. No, look that that is the knock on Andy Reid. I don't look at that game last night and say, that's Andy Reed's fault. I really don't. I mean LT was just on and pointed out Eric berry, not in the defense isn't as good. The defense is not good Corey Fuller's. Also, he played with a wrist injury. That looks like is going to end his season. That's a big problem. They are they're not as very good in the secondary as as they need to be. But they've got an offense. Kendall fuller dicey. Corey my bad KENDALL fuller. I mean, it's a problem, man. But reads got the offense humming. No. Sammy Watkins, no Kareem hunt. And they're still moving the ball down the field. Qatari kill not have the ball on his helmet. When I need him score fantasy touchdown, please. It's kind of said, you know, we we did play Damien Williams in the touch of the Vermeer league take that Duff MacKay gin apart moved by you. And and so we're looking good there. The other leagues that I'm with my kids looking good their love doing this show..

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