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And you're in the theater band. You hear that ship? You're in the crowd. Yes, rocky. Yes. You can do it. You're the champion of the world. Everybody wants to beat you fuck out rocky. This is the greatest montage history. Fuck you is this is where it's at rocky climbing the steps, and you're in the theater chanting and cheering and the so much triumph and this right here. He is sprinting up those steps seven steps at a time making the circle, right? Bright and early in the morning, and it's like, yes. The music by Bill Conti is doing and it's like, yes, I want to be him jerk. Everybody in nineteen seventy six and even beyond wanted to be alone in that mung mush mouth, man. It is so fucking awesome. But then two minutes later, he is crying. He is weeping down over the fact that he's probably not going to win. And I love them. Because here's the thing. Everybody remembers the fucking steps they have realized at you of fake cared people. Find that moment so enthralling in their hearts and in their minds and inspiring. But literally two minutes after he goes down the hall sees it's a big joke. And then he's just in bed saying like be above. Dopers? Before nobody cared before the cure after me. And the thing is that's what I love about this movie. It's not just the big set pieces. Not just the things that people. Remember because that's that's one thing people. Remember the big parts. Oh, he's mixing all the Josh music. Just such a big bad. But no there's real moments where he is full of doubts. He is crying. He is nervous. He doesn't wanna be an embarrassment not only to community to himself. And that's what kind of shit that. We get Stallone a lot of movies where it's more than just being a bad ass even guardians he had like a little bit behind where he was like part of us. Let us know what he's talking to designed Yondo rounded. That's right. He had a beef with him. And it was real serious. Everybody took him seriously. And that's one thing that's alone. Does really well. Is that people take him seriously? And this movie is built to where we do. I think that's why the franchises lasted as long as it has. Because as ridiculous. It's sometimes as Gaden in rocky three or four. You have moments like that which grounded which make it real it makes you feel for him. He's incredibly appealing character and his family as functional as it is. And that's why when we see him as a young man trying to go to as he says then later on and wreck elbow or creed. We see him how he's he's kind of the same place again. But now he's trying to pass onto the next generation. And that's what it's like, I still feel for this guy so much. It's incredible that eight movies in you still love that character so much. It's incredible chievements, right? And with him being that complex, and like you said seven movies later still being complex. I find his wife dies and all this other stuff like that. You really do get all that feeling from this first movie because they get more sets the tone. Well, they get more cartoony as they go along. And you start hearing less and less this such an emotional grounding to the character and as an introduction for everybody. This is what's going to last for decades come after? And so when the fight comes what he's already established that he's ready to take a beating he knows who he is. He knows what he is to this event, but he comes in cautious. And he comes in ready to go. The rang. Stat chine on the back of their. Fuck you. You so much. Katherine..

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