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Right, here we go. Eyes still text us If you'd like to debate me on any topic I've ever talked about with Tom and you're like, Oh, Curly, you are a total e p p p p. I can't wait to I would love to have 22 minutes with you uninterrupted except of Sherry jumps in every once in a while on and sets everything up for us, By the way, Todd Meyers just wrote it. And she said I'll debate you like Oh, I don't wanna debate Todd Meyers. What does he want? I said, what do you got? Well, you wanna debate plastic bags? So if somebody doesn't talk about climate change, I'm gonna tap. I'm going to phone a friend and Todd Meyer is going to come on in. And like, like the old tag team, right world, Right wrestling sort of stuff will give Chief Jay Strongbow in here. All right. Um, you can debate me. Text Jake about 98 97 3. You could play the part of Tom With a lot of hair on your back will do that at 406. Did you find that story in New York? Interesting? Sure. You You see that one that Jacob sent you? The one about the lady That became sort of. Ah, whatever she became too ready. Giuliani's lady, that one? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Who is this woman? She's a neighbor. It's a woman named Michelle Herbert. Okay, and she's a tenant in Giuliani's building. And so apparently, when all of the feds were were taking stuff out of his apartment, not talking to anybody, she decided she would hold her own little impromptu press conference. I think you may have a little sound from, you know, I just saw people I probably saw FBI jacket..

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