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Deny people product that might help them avoid. Perfectly sensible thing to my understanding was the British government was not very supportive of your move. Despite the fact that Pablo, our health inland is is supportive of harm reduction. Yes, I think they were. Arguing a technical legal points which comes down to the issue that legislators can make education as a proportion honesty argument that the legislation was proportion to the issue and didn't operate on kind of the fax Americans but more. Often, inaugurate used in your pin. Justice Justices exception of there's. there's an area within which legislators can make decisions in in in this uncertainty. So that was the principal. The UK government was trying to rally than fats of the arguments that were percent. But you said earlier on that Edwina. Currie was rather anti snooze, and you've got the government defending an news position, but presumed public housing blue would be quite proce news with me. and. It's quiet before brexit went through there walls. Position Paper on smoking. In that it had opposed brexit scenario where it said that would look Kathleen at d registration where it might be public health benefits will stop commitment pre brexit to look again at the regulation of products, so it's possible that the government has got a few other. Rather loved think about it at the moment possible that they may might more favor. On some. Maybe made. The right regulations is so much going on at the moment in health that I don't have much hope for that happening in the short run. I think what we can expect Jerry. Is that I'm surprised. We haven't had already the claim. vaping causes covid nineteen deaths yeah. But that will touted become. Well it has been years. Lots of social media stuff about. Vatan and smoke in the to covid nineteen. And it still days to count cardio workout with the smoking is related because of the country evidence about switch in Covid, nineteen. The the levels of smoking amounts hospitalized patients in China. Than you would expect. Why you got fewer than expected smoke hospitals, the outcomes. Zig to be was. With vaping has evidence, the ones mold side interest in issue..

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