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Okay and now we're gonna see if you know if december really takes orders because there's a yeah a whitby version of the song which is good but you gotta go shock a con you gotta go shock if you're going i'm every woman because i think the shock to khan when she had that fat natural i know i know the lingo it's not just the afro it's natural as she didn't just have a natural she had like and it wasn't a wig billy preston i was heartbroken when i found out that billy preston giant afro was a wig when he plays nothing from nothing afro this goats but it wasn't his shocker cantera was hers and it was big she was like samson chicks i'm every woman with this natural i saw her when i was in sixth grade maybe even she was on soul train with rufus singing tell me something good and i said whatever that ladies doing i want some of it i want some of that feeling i love me some shop so this song and playing this because i love i love good things i love pro things again extensive conversation behind the scenes i'm not anti anything i try to find the thing that i'm pro now last it's funny has like when was it monique it was last may will be two years two years ago i was at real food daily on low cnn and as i left the restaurant i saw patent oswald sitting in his suv probably waiting to go in you know maybe answering some e you know how people sit in their cars now is a checkup on everything and you think that you have a parking space but you don't because somebody's sitting there in their car checking their business before they pull out of the space and what i want to say to you human beings this is what i do i pull out of the space that another human being could park in and i go around the corner and i just kind of go in a place where you can't really park but it doesn't matter because i'm sitting in my car responding to attack store whatever you're not supposed to do when you're driving but i'm not occupying space.

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