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Vassal. Hi to you. Imam to on. Anyone power has their threads is what could possibly help them maintain the positions in Pala what dangers out there? Just be on morality that is just simply intelligence to survive in the world that has continuously be set by Dr Powells and things beyond our control. This was taken from Joe hostage. And God knows what the tenting to. Make babies or. That's what the guy said. Very bad people want this thing. Very bad people who'd be after you, also sometimes bad people. So. But does not necessarily you protected? Speaker. Do you have any ways to protect us right now? We're kind of keeping it in this bag. Do you think do you have any better way to keep it secret? I that probably the best method. You have just. Remove it only when necessary in for short periods of time. Protect from Venetian on this plane, but only this. Okay. Derek to know. I hope that. Now that you understand how much we appreciate your juster trust and how much. Juster trust. And how much we are putting our faith that you were on the side of good and right? On the set of rights. I'm on the side of maintaining balance in which society can easiest. Have you ever heard of the traveler? Bag, and they get the little figure that they made of him. I have no idea what? On balanced you here. I'll leave it for you. That's also a present that too. So they can find out more information. Yeah. I'll go. Though, I'm sticking on. It's glancing Jolie. Traveler talks to him. Thank you. I'm sure. We would appreciate any information that you make about this. Hookah TOA traveler, blooming grove, any any? I'm of the belief that these things are connected that these these. Chaotic forces are moving towards something unsettling an unbalancing. Do best to do attack on night things. Well, that's been my morning tea. Thank you for your time. That'll be business to it. But it's view. Any kind of waves his hand across the table. And you watch as on the side of the plotter where the teacups word this kind of conjured plate of biscuits appears. Indoor. Walks away, just drink to follow. Hit up. The stairs. Doesn't say where do you interest? Curls around. In around around for good. Two minutes. No windows. Very little light. Vk tional kind of.

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