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Shooters new gun owners and safari land new holsters ear pro and all that stuff all that right now with christina ryan welcome into gun talk nation. This gun talk. Nation is brought to you by. At and the future of optics. Tim triggers the world's finest triggers and springfield armory today on guntalk nation. We have a special guest christina. Rhine from safari land christina. Welcome in all ryan. Thanks for having me. Well thanks for being here so soon. So i like to always give people a background on who were talking to because we cover everything in the world of guns shooting hunting all that stuff and everybody comes at it from a different angle. There's so many different ways to participate in it so many different ways to enjoy it. So maybe give people a little background on you and and you know what you like to do as far as guns and shooting absolutely So my name's christina. I'm currently the digital social media manager for safari lane group. I was born and raised in a small town in pennsylvania. Clearfield and i've grown up shooting and hunting with my family Since about seven years old so running again and it's always been a part of my life and through Hunting and doing competition shooting for long range when i was growing up I eventually got into college. And kinda got away from it but got into five shotgun With a few friends and Finished medical school. I have a diagnostic imaging bachelor degree and worked against up to that time At rice gun shop and clearfield one of pennsylvania's largest And that's really where. I bought my foundation for my in depth knowledge of firearms from reloading components reloading processes into our for shotgun handgun You name it long. Range rifle precision rifle. Build custom build a lot of collector items etc and during that time I had met the director channel marketing. Amy be and she had offered me a position as a visual merchandiser. Six and that was in two thousand sixteen Since then i've moved throughout the country from pennsylvania to new hampshire oregon and now currently living in washington state for safari group working remotely and the report into the office in california But on the side. I love to go hiking with my doberman. He's kind of my whole world. Lit up the truck out on various adventures. A lot of fishing hunting shooting always taking classes always bring furthering that knowledge And then doing some photography and fine art stuff on the side. Just for some therapeutic work you know but yeah it takes all kinds makes this world go round so it's pretty fun that's great. You're not the person that people think are is a gun owner. Perhaps it's interesting so far land is known in for a lot of different things and depending on someone's background they go safari land. Don't they make stuff for cops or or safari land. Aren't they part of some big corporation or whatever it may be or or safari land. Wait i've been to their booth shot show or show and that's when all the competition shooters right rob latham and julie golub and are putting on a show and competing against each other There's so many different aspects to what you guys do. And i know that there's some new stuff to talk about so who somebody goes safari land. What's that what do you guys do. It's kind of a tough thing to answer in a in a short answer i guess it is It's definitely i usually get the comeback of like. Oh you're in like like they work or something like what do you do like sadly and like no actually they. They.

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