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At a baseball, good week or so. A baseball for the giants probably playing the best ball. They played all season long. They take two or three from the Milwaukee Brewers, which I certainly didn't see coming after they swept the Padres for two games. And you know the ballpark that we keep saying, you know as far as moving the fences in goes. And then we see visiting teams come in and knocked the ball out of the yard like it's no big deal. The padras came in and were kind of stymied didn't look great against the giants or offense wasn't electric. Giants took two of those games or both of those games. And then they go down to are out to Colorado. And the Rockies and the Padres put together the most runs ever in a four game series. So they get stymied a little bit. And then the brewers come to town on the giants with Jeff Samara who didn't pitch terribly yesterday Madison Bumgarner and drew Pomeranz bottle them up a little bit when the brewers can come at you. When you've got a right, ended pitcher their lineup is a lot different. They'll throw Ben gamble up there to top, I think they had six hitters in their line-up yesterday that were left handed to start against the margin. So they match up much differently against against a right handed pitcher in their lineup or in your lineup than they would otherwise against the lefty. But overall a couple of storylines in the weekend that I thought were worth noting and now's the time of year where you start seeing some of the contending teams are going to do not just for who are the contenders and pretenders, but really which moves they might start to make and they've already begun. We made note of this a couple of weeks ago that what's the calendar flipped June? You're gonna start seeing teams get active. You're gonna start seeing teams start going to adding pieces that they need now that they want early us. Maybe they're not overpaying for. Them. And one of those moves happen yesterday or two days ago actually on Saturday. We find out Edwin Encarnacion big designated hitter. Slugger, former Toronto Blue Jay for a number of years, spent time in Cleveland was up in Seattle and the mirrors in the Yankees, have had kind of like a back and forth trade pipeline for the last year or so they keep sending players back and forth, just to Sheffield, the, the latest one, I think acquired by the Mariners for James Paxton. He was the Yankees number one pitching prospect. He's now up in Seattle, but they've made a move or a couple of moves this off season with each other, and they did. So again, on Saturday and went Encarnacion heading from the Mariners to the to the Yankees. She's leading the American League, by the way in home runs when the Yankees make that trade for him. So he's gonna slotting designated hitter. Yankee still sitting in second place, right there behind Tampa Bay. But they start a series of Tampa. Coming up here, now you're wondering. Why are we talking AL? He's fall. What are the Yankees and the rays have to do with me? Well, it's worth noting that the Yankees inequality. Edwin Encarnacion are only paying for half of his contract for the remainder of this season. The Mariners picked up a big part of that tab. And the Yankees also sent over a guy named one thing a minor league pitcher, the reason MRs of note is because the Yankees claim to still have room under their whatever their luxury tax threshold, or whatever their number is that they're trying to hit on their salary cap are on their team salary cap, but as far as going to acquire another player, the Yankees claimed is still have room to do that. So you start wondering how are the Yankees going to make another move? Who are they going to make a move for? They've I won't say gutted their farm system with their farm system, not as good as it was two years ago or three years ago. Dave's over there pretend to throw left handed, yet they're looking at a left handed pitcher who's maybe gonna come on the cheap. I'm thinking, maybe two or three pro-rated months, Madison. Bumgarner could get the job done now. The Yankees kind of a log jam in their outfield right now. They've got Brett Gardner who's at an older player. Thirty three thirty five something like that. They've got Aaron judge. Getting ready to come off of the, the injured list on Tuesdays. He'll be activated. Tomorrow, Jen Carlos Stanton is still down in AAA in Scranton or Wilkes bar. Wherever the hell he's playing ball right now but he's almost back so they are running out of room in their outfield so much so that the best player in their lineup really. It has been the best hitter in their lineup for the last fifty games while everybody's been down with the injury. Clint Frazier their top prospect, who they acquired from the Cleveland Indians, believe in a deal that got them. Or maybe in the same deal that netted them who's that lefty, Andrew? I'm blanking on his Andrew Miller. There we go to relief pitcher dangerous dude at the end of a that 2017 World Series with, with the Chicago Cubs. So Clint Frazier, who's the top outfield prospect in fifty four games. So far, this year was hitting eight fifty eight fifty five to eighty five. Batting average eleven doubles eleven home runs. He was fourth on the active roster in extra base hits twenty two extra base hits he's gotten three, seventy. Five with earners in scoring position. And yesterday, the Yankees told him, you're going back to AAA. He was shocked to find out that after two eighty five over the last two months, he's headed back to AAA because the Yankees just do not have room for them. So they're on the situation now where they're starting to look to add a piece to add somebody to their lineup or too their pitching rotation. I don't think they're going out to get more bullpen arms. Bullpen has been pretty good. They're still planning on getting Luis Severino back at some at some point to Mingo Airmont to Mingo or monitoring isn't gonna come Sunday. Airman big power, right? Arm was on the injured list as well. So the Jews are looking for a starting pitcher where better to look than your San Francisco. Giants for a guy like Clint Frazier. This is the drum gonna start beating because the clearly are, are they're going to have to give up an asset if they want to get somebody else. I think the other question that they have is about. Can they acquire another pitcher, maybe not quite of the same status as Bumgarner or not quite as as of the status of maybe Marcus Stroman up in Toronto is a guy who could get moved? So Carrie Crowley, we were talking Margie, and I were with him on the patio this weekend. And he thinks this is a real possibility that, Bumgarner the Yankees is looking more and more realistic in that. They made a move that was still going to allow them to acquire a starting pitcher. So the Yankees new murders were lead of continues to build and get stronger. They add the American League leader in home runs. And then you've got you've got some room now to go get a starting pitcher, David laughing, I know rich get richer. But this one day this blew my mind this weekend you paying attention to anybody's with the Houston Astros. They've got this young guy. Twenty one year old six foot five two hundred sixty pound dude name is your Alvarez Alvarez a Cuban dude? He gets signed by the dodgers back in two thousand sixteen about that far. I signed him to to the dodgers. They sent him down to the Dominican summer league. He's got. Pretty good season for them. And then the dodgers decide. Well, we need to we need to acquire some bullpen help as we make it run towards the towards the National League pennant. They flipped him to the Houston Astros. For Josh feels just feels a relief pitcher, of course, your Alvarez had more than twenty home runs in the minors. He was sitting in the high three hundred three seventy three eighty down in AAA round rock. They called them up last week. He's now plead five major league games. He's got four home runs a day, you know who traded your Alvarez from the dodgers to the Houston Astros. Yeah, you guessed it was far side. That's right. This guy who's now the one of the best young power hitters in baseball. And Dave when this guy makes contact the ball jumps off the bag. Your Alvarez is on an absolute tear right now through the American League at least to get his big league career started. So Dave Fleming was joking about that with Martin yesterday. Say just cloud, the diets have to deal with this guy for the next decade in the National League West. So some of the stuff from the weekend with the giants. So that was fun Will Smith. Now. Eighteen of eighteen and save opportunities. He's been lights out this season. He would credible on Friday night against Christian yelich. Then we got the battle again on Saturday, yelich took him deep yelich. Unbelievable home run by him just kind of flip this bad at it in the ball went over left centerfield like fifteen twenty rows, deep gelatin exciting player, Kevin pillar has been hot as of late. He did drop a ball on Saturday, and then exciting game. Eight seven giants and that one. But in his last seven games nine at twenty five you sit in three. Sixty got an over thousand did Homer on Friday, and Saturdays driven, and five runs and surprisingly enough Evan longoria over the last week has not been so bad, either seven Twenty-three. It's three or four batting average seven ninety five Opie s and another thing day. Fleming pointed out yesterday that I think was worth noting is going back to last season. Everyone Goria has the highest defensive runs saved at third base for any third baseman in the National League that includes Don, that includes Aeronautica, we're talking back to the middle of last season. So impressive stuff from Evan. Longoria, at least with the glove and he's been hitting a little better as of late. All right. We gotta get into some other stuff here on the other side. When we come back you to talk about the big news of the weekend. It's not the US open. It's not the US women winning three and then golf clapping their way to a celebration. It's all about what's going on in the NBA, the NBA, reigns supreme even in the offseason the draft is on Thursday and moves have been made. Anthony Davis headed to the LA, Lakers. Is it a good move or the Lakers, absolutely gutted will discuss when we return to the leadoff spot on the sports leader all the negative things that are supposed to happen to me during the week on Mondays. 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