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Not particularly high roll it back to the late nineties. Where we had things that twenty five thirty times that's expensive here on a relative basis, things aren't all that expensive fed cuts rates. What does the market do be says go down potentially? So I I don't think it goes down. What even getting before? Then what happens with the g twenty what I think is Trump wants things to go. Okay, but not great because he does want uncertainty in the marketplace, that's going to cause the fed to cut, right? If the fed does cut. I think it's better the yield curve tents has has gone up. It will continue to go. That's good for the banks. What can get the market higher is if the financial start to work. Now, if the fed cuts, we have breed, slower Trump can start saying, okay, maybe possibly, we have daytime in. Oh, by the way, I'm going into election cycle. I can't start turning up the heat into an election cycle because I can't have the global economy and definitely not the US economy rolling over in that type of situation. So you could have the sun. The moon SARS start to align the bars low don't you think going into the? Twenty the meeting between Trump and she, I don't think there's any, I think all they need to come out and say, is that it was cordial. We had a great dinner. We're gonna keep talking. Are we expecting something more Taryn some point, you have to have some movement beyond just, hey, we're talking again? I don't know if that's this g twenty I do know that there's a lot priced into this a lot of expectations. But at some point, you're going to have this os really nice. We had a nice Cup of coffee and a huge piece of cake, and the market goes down that could be next week. That's all I'm saying. It just seems to me that after the may six tweets or whenever those were that we're kind of the fresh kind of volley on trade. We had this case, where the fed then went extra the extra yard. And so you have this case, where really the fed once again, really trumps anything, and, you know, maybe, maybe not intended, but really will outdo, anything that goes on at the G twenty and right now, the fed is your friend. There's nothing that's going to change the feds ways and means right here. Now we've seen that, for the last eight years, every time you've tried to fight this dynamic in the markets has been painful. Right. Isn't that the bottom line? Why would it be any different this time? So what what's different this time is that we actually had crises brewing back in two thousand and two thousand and one and then again in two thousand and seven and eight we don't have one here except for the fact that is self adduced, Chris made a lot of great points that we can get through here here anymore. Well, we can get I didn't thank him yet. He's still here. We, we can get through this period, unless we still have these own goals, and that's kind of what's going on. And when you hear an equity strategist talk about how the president is trying to thread needle into an election year. That makes me a little nervous because when you have all of this negative yielding rates globally, you have our rate, cutting cycle starting from two and a quarter percent. We are that far away from some big, big this half that we do not have the ammo to combat if we do end up having a crate, which is why goals going what it's doing. That's right. I'll let you sum it up. What's your last workforce? We're going to thank you. Be careful. Don't let your hair on fire, but there is up side opportunity. All right. Good stuff, Chris. Thanks this. Chris Harvey, as Wall Street awaits, the big G twenty summit later this week, a handful of trade war. Stocks are soaring traders will tell you which stocks to trade or fade into the event, and that is next. Plus bitcoin coming off another wild weekend crossing back above eleven thousand so how much hotter can is bitcoin rally, get top analysts will be here to weigh in along with bitcoin PK.

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