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We'd have to make this podcast hours long to talk about all the benefits of exercise and by then it would probably be time to exercise again. So it's clear that exercising helps to keep you healthy. But we also know that exercise helps to keep the entire family healthy and most of you already know where I'm going with this. But that exercise regimen should include the four legged members of your family as well exercise helps pets tremendously it has the same benefits for pets as it does for people if not more I mean, he can't pop your dog or Katy cat in front of an ipad and say, we'll have added. So for pets movement becomes their entertainment and their mental stimulation, essentially for pets movement is life. And that's why it's incumbent on parents to give their pets a great quality of life with exercise most people walk their dog for four main reasons eliminations mental stimulation exercise in some training. But those are just the basics exercise becomes even more imperative. When you look a little deeper into the breeds. I mean, for instance, look at a breed like a Ymer Reiner, for instance, bred for speed good scenting ability and game hunting, a Portuguese water dog those dogs can swim like summer Olympians and a Belgian Mallon wa they're like, the fitness athlete of herding dogs. Well, muscled and obviously trained by some in law enforcement to catch bad guys. But even if you don't have a canine athlete, they must have an outlet to relieve some stress or stimulate their mind. So we all know how amazing exercise can be. But how can we exercise with our pets? So we all can get in on the. Fun. Are there? Some types of exercise that are better than others. How much is too much that is a question of the day. And I'm so excited that we have our next guest to help us answer. Our next guest is going to talk about five easy ways to get in shape with your dog. He's an absolute powerhouse in the world of pet health media. And he is just the person that I want to speak with. But before we get to our guest. I want to be sure to let everyone out there know, how to get in contact with me if you have any questions thoughts our topic discussions. You can reach me at Dr Courtney. On Twitter and Instagram questions with positivity and love will get answered with priority, but not exclusively. So we will answer anything. So right now, let's just pause for a few brief moments from word on behalf of a real true hero of.

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