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So if you're in pain you can order the three week quick stop for just nineteen ninety five go to really factor dot com now one time traffic news and weather on the patriots the end point Edward delays of up to a half hour for cars on the blue water bridge going westbound from Canada to the United States in Van Buren township we have a disabled vehicle of semi truck like you the right shoulder on the two seventy five north bound and Igors road in Oakland county slow traffic of I seventy five north bound between six ninety six in the eleven mile road in Auburn hills slow traffic on I. seventy five south bound between Chrysler driving him fifty nine in Oakland county is slow traffic on I. seventy five southbound between fourteen mile in twelve mile and in the motor city one amp restrictions on the Jeffries freeway westbound at greenfield road due to an accident blocking the left lane of the exit ramp some feel we've got an accident walking the right shoulder of north bound lodge just before eight mile route the forecast for the rest of the evening down to thirty one tonight Wayne possibly mixed with snow tomorrow at the height of thirty eight right now it's thirty six degrees from the town hall dot com news room of man is jailed on suspicion of drunk driving after crashing into a house in Roseville crash happened around two thirty Thursday morning on homeland street Michigan state police say the man lost control on east bound I ninety four near little mac Avenue left the highway and slammed into the house he was arrested after refusing sobriety tests and no one was hurt Detroit police have a thirty one year old man jailed awaiting charges in the shooting death.

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