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In doing whatever you need to do for your job without any sat within sacrificing yourself. Right. It's I think that there's a tremendous opportunity in PT School for self discovery for looking into who you are as an individual. What motivates you? Early on in the curriculum. It's scary because that's some deep stuff. And like no, that's that's not easy and you know I was working for. Doing it, and even I was finding some stuff out about myself, but I thought I had locked up. You know I was I'm good at this and I'm I'm good when there's a lot going on and all sudden. Gone. Why are these kids over here? You know getting all emotional I'm like I'm ten years older than I'm super emotional. Right now I. Don't know what's going on with me. So so, where would you recommend like this really is this. Is this bringing in a mental health component more into curriculum? You know in in that way. Would that be good example or one example of how to do it? I think honestly there. There's readings like there's books that give you basic information. Right like not every. PT's a psychology minor. Like. And so I think that there's information that can be given through readings about self discovery. Right I think that that's an easy thing to do and like blended into the part of the curriculum that looks at. I think it, it's university. Colorado we had some professional and self development courses I think that would be a really good place to put that and also offer mental health providers if they need it. Right like I, think that that. Means they we pay enough intuition that or there's also APPs, but I think there could be a great partnership where people have available. There's probably counselors on campuses right. That could be provided, but I think that there needs to be some type of introspective. Look at who you are as a person in where you come from in your development over time in order for you to understand yourself is who you're going to be as professional as a provider. Is, GONNA. Come out right like how do you? Might.

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