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Okay Mauricio two categories you pick one do you want to do mistakes were made or me time five mistakes were made mistakes were made okay what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on a baseball field good one I I've been working I've been working low a I was so upset I'm I I remember this incredible a lot of money my head I was upset and I wanna break my back underground when I broke it at the bottom came up and hit in the helmet to helmet and I will I remember what the way you look at how the macro and those guys were let me have a double time it is the bond okay the shore okay okay other for me that was the where can I read that and now after that a new ally okay now I won't break for about what city were you in to your member Nashville Nashville okay okay well a lot of people in the best themselves in national before that okay all all right next one what does your hair look like right now cool right I put I like actually did you really I I argued I've been here died my hair while I'm speaking to you right now some of so what it what what do you have a chair right now with a Cape on someone's working on your hair no actually my fiance was used Grauman's own shown certain please chat and then we actually got the toner so now you got a minute so I mean if they're going to go back again got I've got it's not exactly the look file it might might look like in like a older woman hi I your hair with highlights if that's the look you're going for then then yeah yeah here I'll be bigoted oh goodness all right last word have you made any dietary mistakes during quarantine what about the eating habits cool Hey Hey when I'm bored like on the second day get it now out of junk food and then I realized that you know you might get sick if you start getting delivery and takeout so I actually start making your own food star making hamburgers I'm making and so my advice I mean some bunch of greasy food but then after that I got a cold I I would also like to be weak and then I got a toning down of the craving chocolate so it may not even the biggest well are you telling me right now that that hamburgers are junk food yeah three three three three third off go back to the hair thank you so much for offer coming out it's great to talk to you all yes on on on on I got to thank you guys for having our guy Mauricio dupont he is a time of five great to hear his voice and even though he says he's going insane he sounds sounds great doesn't it so I was all out of funds which over the forty Niners matinee OQO NBC sports bay area joins us next on the sports later you're listening to a mark Willard now one one oh four five F. N. B. C.'s N. BRG sports leader let's roll maybe seven recording for my home here in Minneapolis and this is in the Bible so here goes the same Misson global pandemic and I'm sure you know what questions background is in health care public policy advocacy and we're gonna have great conversations that are filled with realism and hope and I hope you subscribe today wherever you get your podcasts and Elizabeth smart speakers tell Alexa or Google to ask connect me for in the Bible Ryan Murphy here and I.

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