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Our other shows skeleton crew as well as some other fun tidbits like arts and stories also feel free to hop on our discord server round there chatting with other listeners and we love to have you to but without further ado. Here's the show last time. The party after being taken in by a strange community of humans being kept as prisoners though still living somewhat free within kim lands they set out to help said humans solve a problem. Their cattle was being rustled. Stolen and farmhands were disappearing however as they went to investigate. Something wasn't right and it wasn't long before they came face to face with the valeur herself. Out of william the manifestation of manipulation deception at trigger she mused i bell at how she had been behind almost every single action that they'd undertaken so far a now finally being able to act on their own. Would they dispel her evil. We find ourselves than in a clearing covered in the guts and blood of cattle pieces of these dismembered corpses still floating in the air and attached to tree branches by these glistening silken threads. Howdy william herself writing a sort of membranous silk that stretches up into the twilight sky and she laughs as she continues to ascend eventually disappearing into the clouds. Above you leaving you alone for just a moment in this clearing brignone tossed aside regains his footing and rejoins. The group kelaniya still looks at the rest of you. Utterly shocked at this interaction wouldn't ablaze is going on. Who are you all say. That we are furnished furnished warriors. Adia description and we are here to stop this strange thing. Though i'm recognizing gotcha little laura's perhaps we can explain everything after we have taken care of the threat before tip tap and speaking of threat as adema neom disappears. A new being comes down from the sky to take her place. It's a limp. Hail corpse a sanguine for those who would recognize the race held aloft by those same marionette strings that you've been seeing so far there's a titan noose around his neck and it seems that these strings that pull at his skin his flesh are attached to almost every joint every piece of him his lips his ears nostrils every little inch all except his is which stare at you wide tear filled and fearful and then letting out a pain screech. He's whipped about by the strings and then brought forth against you roll initiative. What did you get fail is if ronald afford fourteen relaxed gear gotten nine. Rainier got twenty three mic gun. Nineteen melts got fourteen. Then the order will go player player this foe of yours three more players county ace and then one player so who wants to take the first lot i would love to can valco go for I would like to cast. Fireball centered around this friend Not hitting any of the party before they get in there for me. I think they roll the dexterity save yes. The dexterity saving throw my seventeen. Well that was a critical fake. Ooh yeah I'm sorry. I should have specified this beforehand. I was planning on doing this. I'm not doing this. Now that it's fail. I want to cast a fourth level fireball. So here we go okay. This is ninety. Six by the way dane. Thirty two fire damage. And how big is that radius twenty feet so as this fireball goes toward this limp man being held aloft by strings you see the fire impact his body explode as you would expect but he continues to move forward out of the fire you see bits and pieces of these strings sort of singe and sizzle up a few of them disconnecting from his body and phasing out of existence but there are still dozens and dozens of them dragging him along toward you does mind. What's next go for adults getting in front of bow shoulders back. You've got to go after the strings. And he's going to cross the section this required get to within ten feet of this guy because with his glaciers reach and he's just going to swing a gigantic above the trying to the streets. Okay twenty six. That will hit fifteen damage. So as you swing your grave in a wide arc. You catch a collection of these strings. May be five to ten of them that are holding his right arm aloft. And as your glazed slices through them. You feel resistance. But then they snap and part of his arm droops a bit goes a little limp as he continues being pulled toward you. But you've definitely severed some bit of control accent good. And he's going to take his second attack to try to do the same thing this time aiming specifically over the other arm trying to cut off the connections there k. Roll them that time. He got the twenty two. Yes it does all right and we'll deal seventeen seventeen damage all right and as you take another swing pulling your round again aiming at these marionette strings holding him aloft. You're able to sever some that are holding his hand and this hand of his goes limp as these strings snap and are pulled back into the oblivion above. Now he's going to go and all that happens is his form is polls and just the entire force of his weights and these strings smash into layouts does fifteen hit his a is like twenty so he's good great then both of these attacks. They don't miss because he honestly as his whole body that's being thrown at you but as it impacts you just grazes off kinda bouncing awkwardly to the side these strings twisting and snapping and you hear these little broin as this strange creature. This corpse held aloft. Bounces harmlessly off you. Who's next brin near would like to go. Those are tears of pain. He's not in control of himself. End this quickly and she goes into a rage so then why don't you do a wisdom saving throw brady. Ah okay well. I wrote a ten k. So as you're entering this rage you see these little strings hovering above you longing after you but they do nothing.

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