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Backing going to Minnesota after a quick time out of the inning the inbound in the ball is the GF is looking to extend the pressure here trying to get back in the game as the trail by twenty inbounds pass the Mason Miller cornered old Greek top the buckles buckles drives past strand then pulls it back out over the barber in the corner and we're gonna get a foul call money Mickelson with the blocking file so five fifty nine to go on the clock twenty point game right now in fear of a to Bora underneath the Mason Miller passes to teammates barber who is pretty much left unguarded he gets easy lay up another assist for me similar and a nice defensive play there my bird is barber is he goes up high did not that passed out of bounds they were trying to find a streaking Aiden leach he knocks out amount so DTF laughter inbound once again only over in that corner inbound the ball to a new leach drives on barber forces a shot up doesn't get it tries his rebound barber comes down with that loose ball on the court bodies everywhere finally come up with a jump ball and it will be a rotating possession there will be TGS small I believe unless they marked Ahmad abound I couldn't quite tell what exactly they were calling their five thirty five on the clock don't forget to listen to our discovery benefits postgame show one will name RCI sport player of the game number of good players playing well tonight as they clean up the sweat from the floor in get set Jacobs transit in mount screen gets the ball and bounce Mickelson for the three pointer and it bounced up and over the backboard thought when hit the rim there James is gonna hit role for to go in but it's it's not looking like it's the rebels night tonight unfortunately now the rebels will pick up full court press on the inbound double team the corner of all the Mason Miller tried to steal it from Miller now Miller's gonna bring it up himself gets over to oak tree over the buckles thought about driving into the kind of pulls it back out kill some more clock buckle took top only just really trying to make a play in it the steel down by twenty two right now both aggressive defense by TGF unfortunately they have mail come with the steel yet eight of birth just playing keep away not open a corner under Mason Miller he could have taken an easy layout but instead just wait for his teammates no shot clock to worry about a minister basketball you will get blocking following Jacob strand his second file the night and so Mickelson will check out Indian national come back in the five ten senior forward who started off the game with a couple three receiving a couple at the end of the game so barber said inbound this one gets it into great and he gets one in our old by Jacob strand that's his third call the night only the six team final on DGL lose the next volley circle one one one one eight seven almost a steel buyer by eighty leach a similar by himself you found on the shot attempt only does not agree but he is called for his second foul in Mason Miller with a line for two I think Mason Miller was trying to load one up there for two handed dunk he was looking to put an exclamation point in this game right there and and we said well let's we got a couple more minutes trying to fight back a bit Mason Miller I have him down at seven twenty six points tonight this is the first free throw so does the line for his second for three to four thirty seven to go on a hard rock or scoreboard seventy six fifty four and four in favor the abort Cougars a similar second free throw that was good so seventy seven fifty four with four thirty seven county remaining a twenty three point game is DGL tries to make something happen in strand gets filed that time by chase buckles Facebook called for their primary ball handlers long with Preston going inbound underneath eighteen leach gets filed in the shot right underneath the basket tough try to go around the room there to try and get that one to go but that follows on barber so AT least because of free throw line for two first free throws up in good no the only barber second foul the game as well the sixth this half on the team so the next shot everybody beget more than once only got one player even remotely close to freeze our fall trouble second fritos good as Jacob strains got three files everybody else that has any kind of all the way out one or two underneath all pre by myself it worked really just working the clocks when gets double team pass it out after drive the baseline buckles drilling round picks up his dribble creep back over to Glenn almost goes over the half court line buckled gets it drives Miller filed in the shot and it will be good that foul wells on wells Jacob strands when he knocked down this free throws but I'm at thirty for the night the mass all adds up if if a if you say so do a quick little code here the twenty seven yeah should be twenty nine the seventy nine fifty six is your score Mason Miller free throws up and rattles around in good this and none of that school record of points now absolutely thirty points tonight because I have a similar full with free throw shot free three pointer shot no good take a strand turning up the defensive pressure scammers faith gets the ball up the court deflected at around by aid leach eighty to fifty six is your score three forty eight to go in the game and now Jennings we will check in for barber there is absolutely no given as the GF rebel team unit down twenty four hundred four to go they don't care they're going to keep fighting clone until the last buzzer absolutely I think we saw really the kind of personality this team really led by even leach and Jacob strand among others the senior group for for the PDF rebels I know this is a disappointing game tonight but you know they're not gonna have to face in a war for gin in the playoffs and they've got just a good shot as many other teams in the section to get to the state tournament so gonna take what you can learn from this game improve upon it baseline shot is up right around good Mason Miller rebound and score all in one motion eighty two fifty six Cougars over the rebels here coming up on the three minute remaining markets Jacob strand brings the ball up and we are bringing in some sub they could strangle checkout senior ball player in regard in Palm Beach driver will check in now Mason Kerr will check in for a new lease another senior will come out within your night and it works within a couple such issues as well Jeez Thompson checks in the game we'll see and Carlos Molina the fourth project in the game as well wind and buckled will check out rated were up Mason Miller has checked out to I believe finish this one off Mason Kerr it's over to Cole well Nash three pointer that time my Shriver off the left hand side of the room demonstrates brings the ball up it's past the full court pressure off to the wing to delete loose ball can they get there in time he does say that passed underneath tries to get it driver tried to get it to call well but could not get it to a room when out of bounds well another substitution come in drew Seeley comes in this time for senior drew Cole well here on senior night net last save bother Baker he went so hearty did somersaults in the ended up not getting anyways is almost a waste of a perfect somersault I think the Russian dental you many point to on that one it aboard working around no hurry here similar subsidy chance to play shot No Way is good hi Tom I Austin Carlson six foot senior it's in the score book another three on the wing that time attempted by Ian Nash at two threes in the first half starting on senior night past the top for the Cougars spade gets over to Medina space in the corner look to the Middle going back out to space under two minutes to go that's a little bit high brought down by James Thompson as a top to space in the middle nobody in your courage in Carlos this shoot that one space gets over the corner now to under a minute and a half double team now up top turn over driver it's in the corner to his teammate over the only it's on the top even Nash three pointer in this Mister we're more substitutes coming into the GF all the belly checks in all the seniors and started I think it's coming out now see what care back in number twenty four Peyton Doren comes in drew Seeley as I said handball Hannah by Brady Morgan Morgan Morgan it birth content to dribble around the perimeter time handled by this Danny hop on the wing down to forty seconds left in the game because the constant thought about she's got a big smile on his face and they know they're just running out the clock here at the end of the game we'll see if they do take one shot at the buzzer days Thompson passes over the standing three pointer in now rebound by TGF is the quickly bring the ball up the court up top in the corner pass about three point on the right wing is up re run no good Kerr with the rebound kicked it to his team and the right wing clock running down last second shot through the hands a bit here we've got under one second the play so just a quick inbound for a to bore up no wrap this one up for the night and extend their winning streak to fourteen games and that's it folks your final score from going in Minnesota to nine eight a Bora Cooper's eighty four DG of rebels fifty six we'll take a break and.

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