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The love and Peace Festival a supposed. Three Day love fest. It was more like Altima Redux a wannabe woodstock music festival taken hostage by Hells Angels. Biblical weather anarchic bands. Now fire the sixties dream of peace and love may have died at the rolling stones infamous Almonte Speedway show the year before a disaster show that resulted in the death of an eighteen year old fan but on September. Six nineteen seventy. It's remains were burned on the island off the coast of northern Germany. A funeral pyre for any remaining notions of idealism. Fuck it all. Nihilism was here to light the match and fan the flames and its name. Was Tom Stein. Sherman Tone Stein Shearman the German anarchist band playing their first major show were on the stage and providing a soundtrack from afar as Jimmy and his bandmates pieced out they launched into a song whose title translated into destroy. What destroys you? And the sides of the stage started to smolder and then the flames peaked out all red and orange. You can literally see the heat. Rising off the stage monitors in every last morsel of hope being suffocated it was all so catastrophically poetic. The stage was literally on fire flanking the stage were chairman bikers. Local hells angels. Who had been scaring the shit out of the crowds all day with firearms and threats. In General Mattis. Jimmy lit a cigarette and shook the match while staring at the bikers. Stone out of their minds on booze downers standing next to the flames wearing jeans. Jackets embroidered with swastikas. You say your mom ain't home. It Ain't my concern. Just don't play with me. Won't get burn. Jimmy Look Mitch and Billy sitting next to him helicopter. Their faces were a combination of fear relief. No one had anything to say. The phrase nicotine was used in moments like these. The love and Peace Festival was not about lover piece. The science at all pointed to something more ominous more dangerous during the three day event. I there were the hells angels. Hundreds of they descended on the island took over unlike Ultima. The angels hadn't been officially hired. They took control all the same. They robbed the box office at gunpoint. Wave their guns around kicked shoved yelled fucked up pupils cars up ended trailers took people's booze. The situation with the bikers got so bad. That festival organizers. Try to pay them to go away. Nat Plan didn't work out you. Would you me arrived on site as tour manager? Jerry stickle got whacked on the head with a to buy for the moment was eerily. Similar to Mick Jagger step down from the helicopter tomato was whacked upside the head by someone in the crowd was a bad omen. Storms came and went. The stage sat next to the Baltic Sea giant ways crash onto the stage. You make a bad situation worse. Sandy Denny kept getting shocked by the microphone the faces sly and the Family Stone Mungo Jerry canned heat and ginger Baker's airforce all played sets with varying degrees success. The whole Shebang was sponsored by the proprietor of a string of popular German sexual ups. Jimmy was on autopilot when he took the stage. Took puff something a two to something else at this point keeping even know what he was ingesting. It was all just routine. Cigarettes stuck to his lips. Blue handkerchief tied around his forehead. He flashed a peace sign in the face of destructive rain-soaked APP. How crowd cheered Jimmy. Ben Translation go home. I don't give a fuck if you to responded into the Mike non-issue Boon to spite the caddy retort. Jimmy's guitar failed to stay in tune throughout his set. Like didn't want to be there. There was revolt devil ships in sparking that after his left hand. Brutal just flounder restless noise as he sat comfortably in the helicopter. The scene below felt made up pretend some miniature puppet show reality bursting fantasies bubble. Jimmy thought back to woodstock and how in the blink of a year so much had changed for all its pros and cons woodstock. Remarkably had very few if any moments of violence civil unrest. Now you can hold one of these three day fest without the whole damn thing going how. He ascended higher and higher into the air. The Din of the COPTERS BLADE CYCLING THROUGH HIS HEAD. He was a man on a time out of place. A man in search of peace being airlifted from the site of chaos and unrest. A man wanted love albeit on frequently irresponsible terms fleeing a scene of hate. He didn't belong there. He felt like he was racing against the clock to find his true identity as performer to search the experience Gypsy Sun and Rainbows. Band of gypsys. The experience to time was slipping away. All of his recent performances were marred by out of tune. Guitars bad doses. Too many pills too much to drink not enough rest anarchists and stage fires in hells angels with guns. He was afraid that he was starting to hallucinate again. Seeing things that weren't there feeling things apart there. He knew what he saw. He just couldn't verify it was real or not when he got back to London. Something would crawl out of a hotel bathtub. Something that freaked them out. It made him question.

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