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As three days ago diego armando madonna away. Yes maradonna has passed away. He passed away on november twenty fifth. He was an argentine professional football player and manager. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and he was one of the two joint winners of the fifa player of the twentieth century award maradona's skillset and his play his exciting charismatic just presence on that soccer field will be sorely. Missed it's unfortunate that he has passed away. It's been the sort of on again. I will get to the wrestling Talk the end of at the end of this episode of and of course the tv radio trinidad episode. Where i will get into another death that happened in the wrestling business but You know they always say that. That deaths happen. In threes. maradonna was one of the best ever to play in one of the most highly sought after commodities in the business. Every team would have killed to have him. It's unfortunate that he has passed away. He a brief history of what had happened with maradona's you know his track record. You know his his resume but he was one of the greatest if not arguably the greatest soccer player of all time or is the football player. I will give you just coming from wikipedia. Okay this is just the best and fastest source. I can give you the information which can give you some background about maradona's health and his ultimate untimely death. I wasn't privy to the fact that he might have been sick or there was something going on with him. I just like many of us. Once we see the the end of legendary career you just sort of tried to keep in touch by social media or try to keep tabs on them and see what they're up to basically give them their flowers while they're still here so to speak on november second twenty twenty of this year maradonna was admitted to hospital and la plata supposedly for psychological reasons. A representative of the ex footballers set. His condition was not serious. A day later he underwent emergency brain surgery to treat a subdural hematoma..

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