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A big piece of wood in a pretty short period of time with a good bit and brace. So I'd had round here forever this and the the spot for braces a really nice. If you've ever seen a spot for brace, they don't they don't have it chuck. They have this really cool. Little will thing that you can just slip your bit into got thumb screw that you turned tight crime. As starting to Golo we're. All right Dave you don't need a drill press, get a brace. But you know the biggest thing is just to make sure there isn't any run out pretty much everything else you can overcome and you can buy some pretty nice drill presses for variable reasonable price wanting I should mention if if it does ever variable speed suddenly some of these had. A clutch assembly in it, and basically it was like the snowmobile clutches. As you put pressure on one, the other one grow, and so you could. Bury your speed with Yatta wide on it, and so one bully would collapse. It would pull the belt outer release. The belt in the other pulley would expand to law the speed difference. Those things can get pretty wonky with a lot of wear. So make sure you check out the variable speed to make sure it runs. All the way through from the lowest setting the highest setting, whatever it takes gotta laver it's got to crank run all the way through to make sure that it doesn't hang up somewhere or starts rattling like crazy when it reaches the spot where somebody left it for twenty years without changing the speed. Make sure that it's everything works in. It looks like a pretty simple tool because it's just runs up and down drills a hole. There are a lot of little details like every tool we work with. If. You ignore him you're not GonNa get very good service out of tool. So. One one last question. You you. You talk about taking calpers to a and looking for run out what's acceptable range? I mean we're woodworker. So quarter of an inch. The Andrew. I mean, are you are you looking to be under five or something? Under five in. Okay. Under five. Lucky there with my guess. More you know. Is when you start getting. More run out you start oscillating as you're cutting and so you don't get truly round holes and it. Makes a mess out of stuff so Cleaner the the more concentric it runs the better it's going to boring. and. That's exactly what you want. If you got a lot of run out if you've got a crappy chuck or and swampy quill and you're trying to do brad point you or or even force, you don't get very clean halls because it's obsolete it's not cutting through it has to use the rim of the foreigner bit to cut true and it's fighting itself. So starting a whole toughen. Get something. That's. Some these little benchtop units you tournament, and there is no discussion in the area because they rattled Sola you can hear anybody and people are trying to build stuff the bathroom. That's that's a a handyman's tool for out in the garage. Right on. So, Mike. Any drill press for you. Me? Yeah You're happy that you. Metro press that's a old buffalo press in actually did change the the chuck on it that was Kinda cool because he didn't really know how it was stuck on their. made some like shallow Englewood wedges and just like Kinda hammered them. opposing. Each Other in pop radio now? Oh. That's how you do. Okay. Wars is amazed me that more steeper jammed together one. That's that's. Machine correctly, you just data. All of that heavy drilling and all the stuff that goes on and doesn't fall off until you get some. By one invasion ones, and then they fell off every time full quill up. Although before I, looked it up on youtube and figured out what to do I did take my sledgehammer and bang on the top of the quail thinking that was just GonNa knock that thing right down like a lady but that didn't work. Out But. It could if you hit hard. Break something in, you'd have to find a different droplets. All right. Well, that was about the soundest twenty, five minutes on drill presses ever in the history of the world. And.

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