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Their best games yet this year. Yeah i agree overall mahomes. I'd say maybe the raven game right at night. Football the jets game for whatever it's worth. I mean it was against the jets. Say the raymond game. Was that from a home but big ben. Same thing i mean we. We got steelers. Fans all riled up. Say look big. Ben's middle tier quarterback this year as far as how he's playing. He's doing his job. Well he's playing calling alex smith. You know he's taking care of the ball distributing playmakers. He's not taking turn it over. But yeah i. I would look at that and being courage. If you're the steelers and say yeah. Big then. Got more in the take in their undefeated without complaints football. I completely agree with that as an a crazy mahomes is doing this and i just said well have seen his best football this year. It's pretty scary with those weapons what they can bring to the table on any given night. It's frightening to watch steve. Great stuff man. Have a good week. And i know you'll be back at it and we'll look forward to break down this browns and texans game and see if something changes in our groundhog day conversation about the houston texas football club. I always appreciate brother. Thank you got it. Thank you john for accents. A great steve zola senior analyst pro football focus focus for his weekly visit. This is a shot sows richelle. We'll come back and discuss. And he mentioned. Trevor lawrence no brainer. He makes a good point. Do you guys agree. Seven one three two one. Two five seven ninety. Let's discuss that. Classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six twenty twenty silverado crew cab. Three ninety nine a month thirty six month lease so i call jeff sebastian texts yes bashing yesterday and i say got somebody who is looking for a vehicle and instead of sending me to somebody else. This is how good he is. He says yeah. I'm calling me anytime. Bengal done just like that as if he doesn't as the owner have enough to do. 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It's it's it's an old road that leads to new places for you and it'll become a comfort and place well where you'll want to spend more time and that's classic chevy sugarland. The deals the customer service. The people tiffany atip sebastian. Jeff sebastian at classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six chevy highway six on sundays sports. Talk seven ninety so steep. Pelizzoli was pretty cut and dry about less than you go. Where your drafted and go change the franchise around and play. Are you guys. Let me ask both of you guys this. What would you do if you were. Trevor lawrence is gonna do. What would your families. Are you advise you to do. If if you're coming out this year the jets were going to be the first pick. You go where your drafted period. That's that's what i would do. I wouldn't consider anything else. I wouldn't would you. Would you stay in school. Would you stay in school If i didn't love the spot i would. I would stay in school over forcing a trade and doing that. Whole drama and create net situation. Yeah here's the order for me before josh before you answer one is if you've made the decision to go out you kick but the rest of the college football season hopefully get back to a championship play well and you leave the first pick of the draft. You didn't you didn't i. At no time that we hear. Here's two things i know. We grew up doing whether your football baseball bat fell safer me and although baseball basketball where my love's first but you want a number one be the best play you want to say. I'm going to be the starting quarterback four and we all grew up loving our team right. I was the oakland raiders. But as time goes on while you have your team you never grew saying. I'm starting quarterback for the oakland raiders in the first pick of the draft or nobody else. That's not what we did growing up as kids. It was like matt love to play for my hometown team. I want to be the starting quarterback or the center fielder shortstop for the astros center fielder for the yankees. Or you know. I want to point guard for the lakers. Whatever it is so we grew up. Saying i want to be the starting player for our favorite team but as time goes on while it's a dream. I don't remember college. Saint if i don't play for the raiders. And i don't wanna play football so if you're trevor lawrence and we don't know maybe the jets are team that he liked up. I don't know but i can tell you this. The number one way you do is if you made the decision to go out you go you go play for whoever takes you period. Secondly if you decide you're not sure want to stay beco- back to clemson and play another year and have a blast and be in position to win another national title and probably a heisman trophy or at least be in that position because after missing two games you may have lost out on that opportunity this year and then number three is you want to force the hand. i think. That's the last option josh. What would you do. Yeah i think if there is a chance that there was someone else who could are. There wasn't as high of a chance that the jets were just going to be the first picnics years. Well i would consider maybe coming back but at that point i would also sit out the year not risk the injury because while trevor lawrence even if he gets injured still probably would be the first pick. You don't take that beating. Don't take the chance of getting hurt or blowing. Acl doing anything like that. When you have that money much pocket right now right and that's why you go play. If you're going to get injured you might as well get injured under contract right exactly. Go play unless you have a big insurance policy which maybe does clemson. But you know what. I never have made a decision. Like what if. I get hurt but but they have to now. I mean the money so big and you have to think about your career but for me the and even the last option is to sit out a season right. I wouldn't do that. I'm talking about a full season next year of. You're going to be starting quarterback at clemson. Your decided not to go on the draft. Replaying all our games. I don't ever. And i understand it for a guy like boasts that when he got hurt. Couldn't come back. And then set out the last handful of games for ohio state and then was drafted. I get it. But i would never encourage a quarterback to sit out a full season. Would you guys. I just don't believe in that. I hate it russ could make you just look terrible whereas you come out as a rookie and then that could lead to snowball effect of. Hey do we believe in this guy you start to lose your confidence as well as just as it's tough to to sit out but i can get it for guys like a leonard fournette and things like that where that wear and tear on a running back is one thing quarterback. You don't really need to sit out. You just go get your money when you can pretty much. I think that i'd be willing to. I don't know what the gambling odds are. But i'd be willing to gamble that there's no question in my mind. Trevor lawrence goes in his first pick of the draft and doesn't demand that somebody trade him. If it's the jets. And i'd just i still don't see him asking for trade i don't either. I don't believe. Just watch perot doing me. How many times is the main thing even happen to manning. Elway doesn't lead to long time. What happened did mike. Michael vick said he wouldn't go to the charges but they ended up not getting the first pick right right so he didn't have to face it. Yeah of the two studs of now. Andrew luck went back to school. And maybe that had.

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