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The past four years when in recent weeks president assad's forces have intensified their bombardment of the area on arab affairs editor sebastian ushered reports doctors in eastern gutu to have little mets an officer the ts to treat the wounded and the sick they say that hundreds of patients are in urgent need of rescue as they can't be treated there just a handful have so far been allowed out constant bombardment by government forces with report also the continuing use of chemical agents is continuing to kill and maim many despite the area having been designated at the escalations owed by russia and iran prison assads key allies aid convoys have only rarely been allowed in meaning the estimated four hundred thousand people there face starvation as freezing temperatures take hold british volunteers are offering to go themselves to get the seven children out if that's the only way of saving their lives bostian usher now as you probably know thursday was salsa stay and in iran that is known as yelda the longest night of the winter now reports from iran's say some two hundred and thirty men and women have been arrested at two yelled at parties in the capital tehran for knock amedee is an iranian journlists at the bbc world service she told me why one of these parties around 100 and forty people were in the party outside of tehran in into suburbs and these kids were basically doing live instagram's instagram stories and this is how the authorities found out about the party and raided these parties and arrested hundred forty and one party and another nine t and another party so why would they be arrested is it because it's illegal to drink in iran basically everything they had done was illegal so if illegals who drank and it's also illegal to be a mixed crowd of men and women who are not related to each other.

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