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Line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five it's eleven after eight on A. M. Tampa Bay by the way one mention that we're talking about Florida candy earlier and the fact of the Xena Mike o'connor whatever those things are looking at paddy's still gonna paddy's the state can be because coconut doesn't come from Florida and I and my wife joy to come up with some alternatives my favorite would be David sort of done the over in central Florida they make citrus candy out orange and lime and stuff like that why we always mistake candy why can't we just or state anything what can we just eat the candy in the state bird all people like to do that state for the yeah we need a state bird to something besides well it's about as dumb as having nor mocking bird having state candy it's made in other states it is as bad as dumb wow waiting at the northern mockingbird and the travesty that it is let's go to to rue in Saint Petersburg is got a comment to make on a walk of fame and what's the word on that route okay can you hear me now yeah okay about twenty years ago and what I should say in the nineties I went to a walk of fame ceremony and it was held over when your Tropicana fail and they have gate number one and just south west there's about thirty plaques out there the call has slipped and Steve Garvey and I went specifically for a a older traveling named John ward and don garbage was there be inducted the plaques are still there they are deteriorating and this is in the late nineties and I'll never hear one word about what used to be a walk of fame and it's for all example but I thought and correct me rue correct me if I'm wrong I believe it's only sports figures yeah I have to agree with that yeah that would be sports figures and we thought that the sports figures who would be on our walk of fame would be those in their sport hall of fame like a luxury Wade Boggs are guys like legally sell man those guys are and those guys are on the Tropicana at least Wade Boggs Lee Roy Selmon yeah right after that yeah we're trying to get one with actors people like George Steinbrenner who brought well brought the Yankees here for spring training and the the the actors Channing Tatum and Patrick Wilson and Brittany snow and bunch of others Hey and you know one one and I really we figured out the one that we're talking about last night at dinner Jim Morrison but I looked him up and he never lived here apparently least wikipedia doesn't have it but one I'm I was not familiar with until sometime ago when I found out the people who live with the four guys that raised a flag on it with Gina and there memorialized in in Washington DC and the it would Jim a flag statue there that's near the Arlington cemetery but one of those was Ernest hi the Thomas junior and he was from Tampa I just looked up the Jim Morrison diss connection at camp and I found this he was born in Melbourne like you like you noted hello Florida he lived in the thank you he lived in clear water for the first three years of his life and he attended St Petersburg college wikipedia didn't even have the and this apparently this came from alive Tampa Bay but I don't know how you know the website have you know correct it is how accurate it is but it's it notes and I just looked this up on Google Ted web has it on his website Tampa Bay legends taking it from Ted web so really all we have to do is call Ted web if we wanted the answer help and find out what check his all website where he had a lot of famous folks talked about on there where are they now yeah it's eight fifteen on A. M. Tampa Bay and let's go to the newsroom and Chris treatment federal agents are combing through the former home of deceased sex criminal Jeffrey abstain in the Virgin Islands the FBI was seen on the island of little Saint James the investigation into an alleged sex trafficking ring is on going despite abstains suicide in a federal correctional facility in Manhattan over the weekend prosecutors say a friend of Dayton shooter Connor bets bought in the body armor and accessories used in the mass killing the forties don't think anything Kali knew anything about the shooting that killed nine people on August fourth among the items that Cali allegedly bought bets was the one hundred round drum magazine used in the massacre endangered species are facing less protection after the trump administration pastor controversy will roll back it could open the door for new oil and gas drilling mining and development commerce secretary Wilbur Ross says the roll back will ease regulatory burdens but environmental groups are expected to challenge the roll back in court is the rules could threaten a million species or more hi Chris Franklin.

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