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With Michael Bauer from NBC News Radio attorney general William bar decided not to appear before the House Judiciary committee for technical reasons. Jerry Nadler, who is the head of said this committee, not happy. What's going on? Now. Michael good morning. We're seeing showdown that is beginning this morning. So it'll lead off the week on a great way. You're seeing this showdown between the attorney general and Democrats in congress as lawmakers are saying that they're prepared to begin contempt proceedings against the attorney general over handing over a full on redacted Muller reports. So yes, having the attorney general not show up last week was annoying seemed like an element of stonewalling the house and the Democrats in the house. But now, you've got House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler giving a third deadline to both. The attorney General Department of Justice to get a full unredacted report is due by nine AM this morning, and that Nadler put bar on notice that if the committee does not get that report, they will move towards contempt proceedings and seek further legal recourse, which could be fines for the attorney general in the Justice department. It could be if they were looking for a visual, technically, I guess, you could have the attorney general arrested on some level in theory. Whether that. It actually happens. Point hopefully, would never get to that point in the first place. But the Justice department is at least at this point being looked at is waiting to see if they're going to comply at nine AM this morning of the Justice department declining to comment on the letter that was written by Nadler. But but committee report is to not just it's corruption and obstruction Justice investigation against President Trump. But also to the fact that they are responsible in congress to legislate on matters like integrity of elections or relations to foreign powers and that whole first part of the investigation relates the twenty sixteen meddling by Russians in the into our election. So they want to see that full on reductive report if they're supposed to create legislation to prevent that from happening again more than just a second. But I mean, can they really do that can they sue? And or throw an attorney general cabinet member of the president of the United States in the in the big house. They don't ever want to get to that point. They hope that it would never get to that point. They also want to figure out why it is third time that the attorney general and Justice department don't wanna turn over that full report. So, you know, since the time that this initially went down since the time that they I requested. It would seem as though the attorney general the Justice department, and frankly, the house would all have the ability to request from judges that that grand jury testimony be released and that somebody would have done that on some level. If nobody was trying to get in the way and slow this whole process down. So there's a lot of questions about that that I think need to be answered. And when you don't get the attorney general coming and speaking with you, it seems as though at least this particular case, the house feels this is the movie that they have to make Michael second question. That is what's the latest on Muller? President Trump tweeting out saying that Muller shouldn't testify before congress and the Democrats should get a redo because there was no Grammy went on later. The New York Times reporting that the the. The details are going to be coming out about how the Democrats were spying on him. What's latest on these subjects? Absolutely, right. The president has made those statements which is weird because you flip flopped from the president another one that's just flipping and flopping like crazy. You had to recently as Friday, the president saying that the attorney general Bill bar would be the one making the decision on whether Muller to a congress. We've already heard from the attorney general mid week last week when he testified in front of the Senate that he had no problem with the with the Muller speaking to congress, but that's not what congress congress they've been trying to work with and getting him booked through the attorney general as well as the department of Justice to have him come testify, and they weren't getting anywhere. So they had to work an end around and actually communicate with the Muller team in order to get this tentative date of may fifteenth set aside, so that he come testify, and then after that date was released you're the president's say, there's no reason for him to come speak there. But again, this is what congress says, it's it's congress not the attorney general it's charged with the terminating weather particular presidential conduct amounts to a high crime or misdemeanor meriting impeachment. That has nothing to do with the district attorney or the attorney general rather? So that's why they're requesting all of this information. In order to conduct their investigation and getting in the way of that investigation. Well, that goes back to the obstruction charges which could come against the attorney general if he does not turn over that Mullah report. All right,.

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