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But I think that's what we're going to see. And I think I great style will will come through and the guy that is refuses to lose. Of those younger guys. I think and like on the women's side. I think they will come through. So. Yeah. There might be a year or two or three when we're sort of who's gonna be the rival who's gonna be the next guy. We don't know. And then suddenly somebody comes through and do you have to win fifty majors in our sport these days to be called the great champion? I don't think. So I think Dixie bus comes through and win four or five or shopping all of I think that you know, the air we've had now is so. So it's shorting. It's unbelievable. But I mean, you have to also look at what's happened. I believe with would slower courts slower balls, the guy simply the thing game and all the different surfaces. And just look at Novak is that's basically what he does. And he's unbelievable at it. I think we're seeing tournaments change a little bit of staying open. It's much faster. We have more one handed backhand coming up. We thought that was over. That's not over. They're not. They don't have to come from the bigger countries. I mean suddenly have Greek player we have somebody from Canada. I mean, it's so I don't think so I think that tennis as in in a very healthy place. Because of what's veteran about Jovovich far doing and have done. And I think they've just raised the bar. I look at it as Tiger Woods in golf where. Okay. We need that star. But the game is so good engulf right now. And I think that tennis will be I mean when you when you crawling around the floor at home and you start eating both against the wall. And you look and you cetera one ended back and you're gonna world second do that. But fetter, and they're to get better and stronger, and mentally are they ever gonna be at the same level as those three. I'm not a hundred percent, sure. But certainly physically they're going to exceed those guys somehow. Evolutions beautiful thing. I e one of the I was just telling just telling a friend this one of the great treats of covering the sport is when we travel we get we get to hear you. And we get to hear Barbara shed. And we get to hear Eurosport, which is completely different experience from from American coverage in American TV I'm wondering how you guys have covered Jovic, which I think is sort of one of the great secrets in in plain sight. It's sort of this great story that's hidden in front of us. What happened to the guy and then this remarkable comeback? And I think sometimes conflicts of interest get in the way, sometimes relationships get in the way, I feel like this is a story that hasn't been properly told and I'm curious given the freedom. You guys have on your broadcast. How you're handling the return of Novak Djokovic in the mysterious sabbatical. He went on. I think it's more mysterious that we're not talking about Roger Federer having a dry spell not winning for five years. Not what had a mysterious time in his career for a couple of years where he where he yes, he got injured or did he or did he not or was it just not playing? Well, it wasn't able to practice. So I think Novak's road is more normal and natural than than we have allowed ourselves to think that's federal dollars in the super human. But, but I think in Indiana, look at wins Federer covers it up in a completely different way. When he's not winning e still graceful roughing dot com visit up by by not showing any negative emotion. But just going full on. And it doesn't matter. How good is playing just it's just me and him or you and him, and he doesn't wanna lose to you would nobody's little more. I think more human in the way that he shows disappointment and satisfaction on ten. Court, and that's way, more if you look back at what champions have been like in the past with maybe the exception of Jimmy Connors, but they've been up and down. And I think Dallas is just the way they have handled themselves through tough times. We don't really talk about them having being in the slump. So Djokovic Trump was very short. Obviously, the elbow surgery had a big a big reason for it..

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