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And floods they protect us with missile defense cyber security and civilian support teams for chemical biological and radiological hazards be there for your community and your country visit National Guard dot com to learn more about part time service sponsored by the Minnesota Army National Guard aired by the Minnesota broadcasters association and this station when patients leave the hospital they hope the worst is behind but surprise medical bills can be devastating millions of Americans receive costly surprise bills each year that they thought were covered by insurance and get this patients get stuck with bills all insurance companies walk away with big profits over thirty five billion dollars last year local communities get hit the hardest insurance companies want to make it worse by refusing to pay doctors for their services ultimately leading to a shortage of health care in your communities Chris has a choice side with insurance companies that refuse to pay their fair share or provide doctors with resource to administer a life saving treatments to patients tell Congress that it's time to stop surprise billing hold insurance companies accountable and stand up for your doctors and patients for more information visit stop surprise medical bills dot com that stop surprise medical bills dot com paid for by doctor patient the Ron Burgundy cast is back with a brand new season three I heart radio make sure to follow so you don't miss a thing hi Ron Burgundy from the Ron Burgundy podcast we are back in the studio season two baby the I heart radio at number one for podcast listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast on the I heart radio fair and balanced.

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