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We were the voice that we're whipping the crowd into a frenzy Nothing could be further from the truth. t today. I see one that came out a couple of days ago on you by geoffrey martin. Lincoln project takes aim. Ted cruz kevin mccarthy and others who fed the mob. A diet of lies. They are coming this. This is about not just impeaching the president but this is about saying anyone who was gop. Anyone who was know. Supportive of the president has got to be shut up sit down reprogrammed or whatever else the other really frightening terms. They're now using glen. You're exactly right. That's the this moment. I've compared it to the end of all three of the godfather movies. Where where if you remember at the end of each of those movies. Michael corleone settles his debts and he tried to eliminate all of his enemies. That's where the hard left is that they feel victorian they feel surging. They feel invulnerable and so they're trying to destroy donald trump. and then that's a major purpose of this impeachment. Is they want to utterly destroy him but they're trying to destroy you. They're trying to destroy me. They're trying to destroy every conservative. And they're real. Target is the seventy five million americans who voted for donald trump and they want to utterly silence and cancel and a race every one of us and the us beat be silent and subservient were saying this big tech which is now the henchman and enforcers for the far left is systematically and ruthlessly erasing and cancelling anyone whose views they disagree. We saw them do it with parlor where all a big tech got together and what was a blatantly illegal Violation of the antitrust laws to just parlor because they wanted no avenue for anyone to spend saw it just yesterday when big tech band project veritas. Because they don't actually want journalists that report expose their corruption and mark my words. They're coming after you. They're going to try to shut down your program. They're going to try to shut down marks program. They're going to try to shut down russia's program because they want to silence anyone who disagrees with the towel -tarian state so ted. How do we speak to an audience and tell them the truth of what is really coming down the pike what the real motives are have a press and quite honestly people like afc accusing you of trying to have her murdered The crazy things that are being said every day people know they are their freedoms. Are we're at a crossroads in this country. How do we. How do we talk to them. Inform them and and also ensure that what the left seemingly wants to have is begging to happen. A repeat of something like january sixth. How do we make sure that people feel still empowered and that there is progress being made and somebody's in their corner fighting for them. Well listen i. I am optimistic in the medium and long-term and bazaar lee. the reason. I'm optimistic is because the lunatics who are in control. They're going to over reach. The far left is driving the democratic party and the biden administration. You're seeing it every day. They're going further and further and further..

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