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I'm Windsor Johnston. President. Trump continues to claim without evidence that mail in balloting would lead to voter fraud in the November election. Speaking at the White House today, Trump said, the nation's voting system is not equipped for it. We don't have a rigged election. I know that And you have to be very careful when you mentioned As you constantly do, Russia or you mentioned China or you mentioned Iran or others. That attack are Election system, and when you have this mail in voting, it's a very susceptible. It's is something that can be easily attacked. The president was abruptly evacuated from tonight's press briefing by the Secret Service after a shooting was reported outside of the White House. Trump returned a short time later, saying that authorities had shot a suspect. The White House was briefly put on lock down following the incident. Judging California is ordering that ride sharing ABS, uber and lift reclassify. It's hundreds of thousands of drivers in the state as full time employees. NPR's Bobby Allen reports. The ruling is a setback for the companies, which have long defended treating its drivers as independent contractors. California Superior Judge Ethan Schulman ruled that uber and lifts thousands of contract driver should be given the same protections and benefits under labor law as other full time employees. Last year, California passed a law to protect gig workers. It made it more difficult for tech companies to hire contractors for full time work, but uber and left say the law does not apply to them. Shulman says that is not true. Writing that the companies are depriving legions of workers of the basic protections given to them under state labor law, uber and lift say they plan to appeal. The companies say drivers prefer the flexibility their contractor status gives them. Bobby Allen. NPR NEWS SAN Francisco A national survey shows that 40% of first year college students say they plan to stay home this fall because of the Corona virus pandemic. For Cara Paisa of member station W. T V. H reports. Of the 1800 students contacted for the study, four in 10 are likely or highly likely not to attend any college this fall. The trend includes highly selective colleges like Harvard, which announced last week that 20% of freshman differed enrollment. Jason Simon is CEO of Simpson Scarborough, which conducted the survey. It's just a really, really highly volatile time. There's still a lot of students who are rethinking what their plans are and are Waiting. For the last minute to try to make any of those decisions. That might be because the survey also found that a vast majority of students don't trust other students to follow public health guidelines for NPR news. I'm Kirk Cara paisa in Boston at the close on Wall Street. Today, the Dow was up 357 points. This is NPR news, and this is Casey AR W News on a Monday, August 10th on Larry Parole. Thanks so much for being with us this afternoon issue thing Rather, here's what's happening at 70 for health officials said today that L. A county continues to make progress and slowing the spread of the Corona virus Hospitalizations. And deaths, especially keep trending down. Daily Hospitalizations are now averaged about 1600 patients. They averaged 1900 just last week L a once accounted for more than half the deaths statewide, fueled by nursing home fatalities. Now the county makes up less than half the deaths. Here's Barbara Ferrer, who heads the public Health Department. This progress that we've made is essential as we continue building what we call our new normal. This month so that we can get to a point where we're able to reopen our schools for in person learning, and more of our neighbors are able to get back to work for a reconfirmed another 19 deaths from Cove in 19 and more than 1900 confirmed cases today, she said. She believes that these new numbers are accurate and that she was cautiously optimistic. But she stressed that L. A county has not yet received any backlog update from the technical glitches with the state's database. An error involving the state's medical program, and its automated system for renewals has triggered huge drops in coverage. That's despite the governor's executive order earlier this year that was supposed to protect people's access to safety. Net programs during the pandemic Medical provides health insurance to about 12.5 1,000,000 low income Californians. A spokesperson for the California Department of Health Care Services, which oversees the medical program, said it's still assessing this week how many people may have been affected, but that the department had sent notices to 200,000 people. The department also says some benefits have already Been restored. Big changes are coming to the modern day shopping mall with indoor malls closed at the moment due to the pandemic has KCR W's Matt Dillon reports, one Orange County complex is taking a creative approach to retooling retail for the covert era. The high end stores of South Coast Plaza are the camping from the air conditioned indoor mall to a parking garage attached to it. Yes, on the second floor of a parking structure, which counts as an open air venue for retail, you can browse clothes by Dior Crystal from baccarat or Harry Winston Diamonds. The fame. Costa Mesa Malls. Pandemic pivot is called the pavilion. Well, it may be in a parking garage. The wall separating boutiques are permanent, and the floors and furniture plush South Coast Plaza even stocked it with fresh flowers, So they're sent not exhaust fills the air. Shopping at the pavilion is by appointment only mask required customers contact the stores. They're interested in browsing and tell them what they'd like to see. The store sets up shop in a boutique space in the pavilion and at the agreed upon time, the customer and a concierge Mito look at merchandise or try it on at this case. Yardley's Matt Dillon reporting, Disney is taking a step back amid a surge of Corona virus cases in Florida. Disney says it'll reduce operating hours and all four of its Florida attractions but not right away. The shorter schedules will begin next month and last through October. That's according to the Hollywood reporter. L. A is mourning the loss of a dream maker, a man named Julio Gosden ski. If you've ridden the old timey carousel at Griffith Park, you probably met, maybe even saw him. He started working.

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