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In her people. Democracy 2020, It's in your hands. Fox News America is watching. W A B C traffic in transit this morning. I'm Steve Michael's 77 deputy Way. BC traffic and I'm starting to see a build up here at the George Washington Bridge. Traffic is heavy getting into the upper deck from the 80 95 approaching. That is because of construction. And if you're heading back into New Jersey started to build up a little bit at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge getting right up to the W B. We have construction on the New York side of the George Washington Bridge, but so far things look good. The Deegan, the cross fronts and the Bruckner are all clear. Fight Stone and Triborough Bridge is in pretty good shape. The Throgs Neck Bridge. There is construction. We have some lane restrictions out there on the Throgs Neck Bridge this morning, So definitely look for a little bit of extra traffic there over in Queens accident on the Cross Island Parkway. This will be on the north found side at Northern Boulevard and the nights and down the belt westbound at Sunrise Highway, Pulaski Skyway is closed. Until tomorrow morning at six with construction WNBC. Whether Sonny Cooler today 60 for tomorrow, partly mostly sunny and 60 to 65. The dry weather continues Monday through Wednesday. Partly sunny, milder 65 to 70. I'm Steve Michael's 77 w A. B C traffic and weather. Radio 77, don't you.

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