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Carrie booth is not a finished product. We talked about how JP australis still growing into his body. Ironically, those guys are going to be teammates next year, Brewster academy. Neither one elected to reclassify. For Carrie booth, that course of action might have made more sense because he is not as far along physically. He's got to keep filling out. The reason for the intrigue is the overlap of size and skill. Obviously, he comes from good genes. But with his front court size and his ability to stretch the floor, he shows some glimpses of athleticism when he's in open space, but doesn't yet have a strong enough body to play through contact. And the other thing with Kerry booth is he is as high of an has as high of a basketball intellect as you would expect for a GM son. He's a very smart player in the front court. So just like Australia, you can run offense with him. Carrie booth, not a finished product, his best days are ahead of him. If you're deciding who the best player is right now, you're going to be lower on him. If you're deciding who the best prospect is long-term, which is what I think evaluators and college coaches are doing, you are going to be higher on his long-term projection. So because his production is longer, we could have a situation where maybe what his pool of programs recruiting him could that expand even more in your opinion? Yeah, I don't like he's not a one and done candidate in my mind. He needs time to grow out to fill out part of me to grow and fill out. He's got a little hitch in the way he shoots, even though he makes threes, you know, his even his gate when he's running the floor. That could be more fluid. He's just a guy who needs time. And that's not for big kids. That's pretty normal. I'm going to go ahead and play outside the top 102 four 7 sports rankings. I couldn't help but notice him. He'll also feature into a story that I'm going to have for later this week, but we are one out of Pennsylvania, Thomas hawke. Come on. Yeah, yeah. And the best part about this is the way he is that he spells his name, and he pronounces it like the bird, like hawk. If I'm as Thomas hawk, but it's a. He seems, again, I'm trying to give a little highlights the guys who stood out to me. He's one who clearly stood out to me. A lot of potential and frankly, I say this, but he just seems underrated. He's literally underrated. I don't know where he is. If he is, that's on me. And I'll say this and obviously he's committed to Florida. He's a guy that could have gone in 2022 because he graduated. He's electing to go back and do a post grad year. Two years ago, he was 6 foot 7. He has now been measured at 6 foot ten. That is super relevant because with the way he moves at 6 foot ten, now you're talking about a potentially highly versatile front court defender. And he's not a guy who's going to go out and get you 20 consistently. In fact, I saw him play 5 high school games this season. He didn't have double figures in any of the 5 games, literally. His high school coach and I were literally laughing about the fact that his high school coach said to me, he said, Florida, you were probably going nuts. He sucked every time you saw him play. So it was, but kept growing, maintained his mobility at every stretch, he plays the right way. He is a guy who impacts winning. He's a Marco Jackson's teammate. He's content to move the ball. He can finish around the rim. He's got shooting potential and you're talking about a super versatile front court defender. So if he hits and that's the kind of term that we don't often use in high school, even though we should, if he hits, he could hit big because you're talking about 6 ten front court guy who knows how to play who moves the ball who has some shooting potential to develop and is going to be able to be switchable defensively. And that's a prototype that does pan out long term. So not going to be the type of loud stat stuffing performance. It gets you all the accolades in high school or AAU, but has markers that translate to potential success in the future. Last player out of the greater Baltimore area. I guess maybe it might be a Marilyn lane here. He's a big, maybe 6 ten Derek queen. I believe he's going to be at montverde down in Florida for this upcoming season. It seems like still something of a project, but you couldn't help but notice him, at least I couldn't when I watched him play how much development is there still to go versus finished product having said that like you can clearly see there's like development to go, what's the rundown on him and do you think he'll eventually be a terrapin? Well, he's a 24. So he's got two years left of high school and he was, he was a guy who was recognized at a really early age. In fact, he was number one in the country as a sophomore. I'm sorry, the tail end of his freshman year. So he was in COVID, I remember there was the first NIB C event at Saint James in Virginia. He was there and it was like the only game we were able to see live and the freshman was dominating and really, you know, just jumping into people's field of vision in terms of a really intriguing long-term prospect in the same way Cooper flag and Cameron boozer did this past week. Transferred to mod Verde, had some growing pains this past year, but he's still got two more years. He's older for 2024, so it is possible you see him go up to 23 and kind of follow that gg, Jackson pap that's not, you know, I don't have that on any authority. I'm just saying based on his age, that's a possibility. He's a finesse dick. He's highly skilled. He has got phenomenal hands. I mean, this doesn't matter where you throw it. He catches it. And that also makes him an elite rebounder. He's a passer. He's got really good footwork. I'd like to see that touch start to develop into a little bit more floor spacing. We haven't seen that as much as I thought. And he's got to continue to work on his conditioning. He's made really good strides in the last year, but it's a work in progress. And as I said, just a rising junior at this point in time. Adam, I barely know what to say here. This has been such a productive, free flowing conversation with no long asides, no talk about camo fighting, dodo birds, leaky black. Is that how you guys usually roll? Well, you never really never know. Last year, when we did this 50 plus 15 cycle on the tab, and I hear dodo birds, I'm like, yep, plus skip 15. Skip 15. You might not be the only one, my man. Last year, Christmas about 20 minutes of this podcast absolutely slandering Jalen Durham. Now, that somewhat age well, because he said he's never going to be the number one pick in the draft, but there was none of that on this on this year's edition. Before we get out of here, for those people that do care about the rankings, and let's just focus on 23, what is our timeline on when two four 7 will refresh and we'll get a new arrangement, a new Echelon, if you will, on where those guys stand. So I don't think there has been a definitive date established just yet, but it certainly is in the coming weeks, because we have the recruiting period is over now. Everybody is shutting it down. For me, that means just because I'm kind of a basketball nerd. I'm going to go back and watch all the film and as I said, try and dive into whatever I missed. But I think certainly in the coming weeks, you will see an updated rankings that will be potentially brand new and obviously have a new number one. Now that Gigi Jackson is in the class of 2022. GT Jackson is in the class of 2022. He will be playing college basketball at South Carolina, Lamont Paris got himself a high profile commit. We'll see how that works. Adam finkelstein is the director of scouting.

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