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It was it against it was it was three minutes in real life. But they said fifteen on. Okay. Fateh speed it up. I guess, but a if every three minutes each of you will pay attention this lesson, a chug, a carton of chocolate milk. I said, you know, you might get a see me get sick in. So it's just something silly on, like, when you saw in the movie, I got I got sick and passed out that was true on the videotape. My lessons on VHS tape and some more pick it up and take advantage of it tape to my class. So the subsidy could show it because I was so sick like, yeah. Running the double Dutch, I would go there on every break to bond with the kids, a visit their homes. I yet the stuff in the movie for most are true, and the president wrap that that was real also. Now, let's get down to some presidential learning will star, George Washington straight from burning. I president and commander in chief fought the revolution. Genera were so we can be free yet. I make songs to teach content. Parents not like doing the song. He said, it's the most horrible day he's ever had on a set with unique hearing when he had to wrap residents rep. Yeah. What guy you more sick drinking all the chocolate milk or the spider bite of the spider bite? Okay. Did you did? Did you actually get sick from the chocolate milk? Nah. Not really. No. How much of a boon to everything you're doing? Was it when you ended up across paths with Oprah? Yeah, it was pretty huge. When I was named the American teacher of the year, she was in the audience at arm in Los Angeles. And so she called apartment in arm. She's a hey on doing article about you for my magazine. Oh, Nelson okay? In after the in the magazine interview she said, I think I'm gonna have you on the show to Nelson. Okay. What else can ignite you'd like I'm from the country? I'm online. Okay. Outcome. If you'll saw show up to be on the Oprah show a need a haircut awareness ago, baggy shirt tied..

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