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Number of young adult fleece you you are you really are you you are so on top of everything in this so the what's breaking in medicine i love that you're always a step ahead of us doctor for you really are 'cause a lot of docs they to conventional so tell me about algae's i by my greek iranian as a tokai's great dr of jordan josephson is like the guy in town he's a great friend and a great guy but now out this morning is a winter i could feel all up and here these feel up in here like allergies so those winter what our winter outage and this is interesting because allergies actually forty million americans suffer from allergies all year round we always think spring and summer is the time for alanthea's vote winter outages are definitely an issue for people and what's the difficult part now is to figure out if you have a cold verses if you have an allergy so how do you do that and there is a couple of things you can look out for first is the nasal discharge the color of a usually discolored the discharge is probably a called um cleared discharge and watery is probably an allergy secondly you wanna think about um if you have other symptoms like watery eyes and itchy throat lien allergy more of a keenness and chose probably a cold and then finally the duration of symptoms so allergy symptoms will last for weeks verses cold symptoms usually go away within five to seven days okay you good dover agassi as definitely algae's from what you just described it definitely gives young and i.

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