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Com. He's Bill Reiter, and he's righter than you. I worry. The Josh Rosen is ruined over this decision to bring in cliff Kingsbury because you give Rosen three head coaches in however, many years of kings is fired and a couple of years. That's how you ruin a quarterback quarterback who's been a Brown. Pre Baker Mayfield. They'll tell you Jeff for coaching change it for coaching change new system after new system after new system it will break a young quarterback writer, weeknights six to ten eastern only on CBS sports radio. Stay up late with Amy Lawrence. Whatever you think or don't pink about Nick foles. The fact that this story keeps adding chapters that the part that I can't get over just when you thought Carson Wentz would have potentially a shot in the playoffs. At the eagles were doing everything they could to stay alive in cling to shreds of hope, here's falls again. Adding yet another chapter to a story in the postseason after hours with any Lawrence overnights. Two to six eastern on CBS sports radio. Join Jim Rome in the jungle weekdays from twelve to three Easter exclusively on CBS sports radio. Rider with you here CBS sports radio. Thanks for hanging out. Welterweight.

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