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That first part of basic humanity. Guys, we have to move forward into. What is this question actually, asking what is being said here by Senator Joe Donnelly, and by the rest, I wanna make sure we're clear that there is no such thing as a gun show loophole that Senator Donnelly purposefully engage the language of Barack Obama to try and put forth that somehow. He's commonsense on guns. This one answer is going to be the decision for a lot of people regarding who they vote for. No, you're not going to a gun show and buying guns without a background check. You could be involved in a private sale of a firearm. But it's still illegal to sell to somebody who you know, is a felony talks about people coming out of prison. It's still a legal to engage a straw, man purchases. We have laws on the books. So when he talks about gun show loophole. No added gun show, you fill out a form of you're buying a gun. Most of those people fifty to seventy five percent are app at bells, right federal firearms. Licensees? So you're filling out the forms are going to the next check. Of course, you are. This was duplicitous. By Joe Donnelly? Absolutely horrific the wording of Barack Obama from beginning to end and anybody who knows anything or cares. Anything about the second amendment heard this and said, oh, yeah, I'm not I'm not going down this road. He clearly is not the guy. Clearly is not the guy as to the idea. Just so you know, where I am on keeping your gun stored. I oppose any legislation that would force such a thing. The wife of Senator rand Paul admits that she sleeps now with a loaded gun next because her husband was attacked. I believe in responsibility, and those people who aren't responsible and others get hurt with a firearm have to now be held liable and have to deal with the consequences of their actions. But in order to protect my family, my firearm sits next to my bed all night long. I'm not keeping it locked. And keeping it out of reach. So I'm unable to protect my family, any horrors that may exist in what this one went through his pure horror losing your four year old. I will not allow that to keep me from protecting. My however old child. That's how I would have answered the question.

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