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Front door. You got two minutes If you're not here, we're coming in. Grand jury's decision sparked protests To cost the country including here in Denver, about 500 folks or so made their way from the state Capitol building to the federal courthouse their 19th and stout entire way again, shouting that they know what justice is. They being the folks who are protesting and marching and what they saw today in Louisville is not just in a box, 30 One's Greg Nieto and disappointed Mayor Hancock released a statement last night. Saying the decision underscores the need to hasten conversations between law enforcement and the African American community. There was some good news on the wildfire front is Colorado's largest in history is now completely under control. Our officials announced yesterday. The Pine Gulch fire in western Colorado was 100% contained. It's still burning, but the perimeters are under control. Fox 31 meteorologist books, Garner says weather conditions won't help Cruz gained much progress in the coming days. It's bad because we got a red flag warning for the entire region from the foothills of labor. Boulder Jefferson Doug Coe points West to include the I £70 Northern Mountains in north west Colorado. That means existing fires could spread in gold fire burned more than 139,000 acres after starting July 31st. Denver Nuggets take on the Lakers in Game four of the Western Conference finals tonight. But yesterday, coach Microloans thoughts were on the Briana Taylor case. It also makes you think a lot closer to home and and Elijah McClane and we have not gotten that justice on. That's a shame. Nuggets have been down 31 and both of their previous playoff series this year. The team has come back to win both times tip off tonight. At seven Rockies filled with the giant 72 in San Francisco. Serious wraps up this afternoon. Our coverage starts at one x news updates had 10 30. I'm Chuck Clark on K Away News radio 8:50, A.m. and 90 for one FM. Listen, I have no time to slow down, so I need a snack bar that can keep up with my job. My kids my workouts. That's why I love these new nature. Valley packed, sustained energy bars. Nature Valley pact is well, just what it sounds like packed with hardworking ingredients like creamy nut butter, crunchy nuts.

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