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I went to england and it's it's it's seeping you bring into even the most gentle programming. I'm not watching years and years. I don't wanna watch emma. Thompson played donald trump on television. I wanna watch you know <hes> people oh really think about their pies and how it connects to their heritage their british heritage right it seems to me there are two modes of acceptable entertainment right now which is utterly comfort and were they mastered just palatability and <hes> as we as we said before jellies and then also things that are so unbelievably uncomfortable horrible that it actually articulate something that we're feeling right now anywhere in between is like the exactly wrong and you like i. I appreciate eight what they're doing on euphoria. I just don't wanna watch tense. Teams do glitter bumps all day. It's there has to be a space for wholesome wholesome television from british people that make me feel okay about myself and so that is my keep it and channel four or your editors really need to get offer whatever drugs they're going. I feel like i want depressing. British shows why fleabag. I'll never find misfit. If if i wanna have superpowers gotta go to juvie. Did you watch a gentleman jack and then i started to watch jack our mutual friend angelina burnett <hes> <hes> friend of the pod here watch gentleman jack and i looked at the poster and victor victoria the series which i would rather be watching and never got around to take it further back. It's a lot about a woman who loves journal but then also <hes> queer bashing so like greely a good level so no safety but journal hot but that was a that was a real niche victor victoria victoria lewis. I am calling an audible this week. I am bringing back. Keep it up because we had such a horrible weekend account and i just want to you know in the spirit of the great <hes> britishness. You were just describing <hes> bring a little levity. We've into the white person. The chains foul right over shower. It takes a certain type of confidence and we know what kind of confidence i take right. Yes charlie rose <hes>. I was on twitter recently. A big pallet cleanser for me is a goddess mariah carey cher who is exactly champagne colored at all times in in a sort of jaylo vibe. You know what i mean. There's a kind of a and w sheen to the bronze and she does yes she posted a video that was so amazing and i need other people to join her on this level and do this thing. She posted a tribute to jennifer tilly and bullets over broadway where the perfect impression of this <hes>. I'll say legendary comic character. I don't mean to invoke the filmography of woody allen. I'm somewhat sorry to do that but the gentleman yeah jennifer kelly in this movie it's a classic performance in the way like marisa tomei and my cousin vinny is to reference something you to set lesley leeann warning victor victoria are jean hagen singing in the rain batty squawky women who have a soul to them in a in a mysterious unknowable unknowable way carries impression was so fucking good. She has patch right and that's a part of it because it's a pitch driven. I need more people to do this. Toast pop culture. They love in a serious unflinching way where you get the pitch correct. You get every word correct. You got <hes>. If you know our friend <hes> boeing young. I was gonna say reminds we bowen doing his lips sakes of performances which is which takes time it does take time because the the the face he always gets perfect like the the the mouth lewis is like he knows these speech. It's not just trying to give you devil wears prada right not even being able to say like why is no one ready yeah exactly that was really good. I mean the bit. I studied that the sobol sure didn't <hes> right <hes> boeing yankee. We just brought up yet. He lip thinks monologues from movies. He did the ones coming to mind right. Now is erin brockovich that very long speech where she's talking about all the phone numbers and people's names shoe memorized in that town where everybody drink the wrong water jeopardy..

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