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I'm just sick of people treating other people bad like, I I don't I don't know John Jones. I don't know Luke rock old. I've never said anything about them. Like who they are is a person. I've never talked about Luke. Rocco? Every time he got everytime. Unite talk or or interview, I do I always give John Jones every single bit of credit that he deserves. I have no problem bringing up his professional, you know, this professional hiccups. But I've never talked about in personally in the never talked about Lou crackled ever never happened. So I just don't I don't know where like I don't know where this world is these days like someone like. Meek have work so hard and in sacrifice everything that I've sacrificed loss of things I've lost in and try to be a motivating figure to people to not give up into keep chasing dreams. And then when I get it does run me into the ground like I'm some piece of shit in you're better than me. And then look down your nose at me like, especially when you you've lost twenty last three fights by vicious knockouts. And you know, like your can't even make it can't even make it through training camp. Like, I'm out here. Bus in my but killing myself trying to make it and guys like, you know, arrogant pricks like rock old with polo deals. Gucci underwear like like bringing me down like I didn't do anything to you. I'm just trying to I'm trying to make my own way. You know, what I'm trying to I'm trying to change my life here. And you know, the headlines that are reading all across the screens are lucrative thinks. Anthony Smith about like like how how is that? Right. Like how you don't hear NFL guys talk about each other like that? No here guys, you know, in hockey do bunch interviews about how terrible in. Individuals are like if you don't believe that I deserve the shot than once you go. When a fight come to company something about it. Well, said so perhaps after this is someone you'd like to settle the score with at this point. Right. He has gone on your skin enough to the point where I think that you'd like to fight him at some point. Yeah. When when loser draw Luke Rocco's, next rain, okay? I just think that sometimes the balance in life needs to be shifted in and and sometimes people need to get what they deserve. I know this is an impossible question to end with. But I'll ask it. Anyway, I'll ask the same question that I asked Mark how do you be John Jones? Have you figured it out yet? Or is it to you probably been thinking about this for a while. This is a man who you can't really necessarily go on on online fight pass YouTube whatever and look at film of oh, he looked really vulnerable. And that's how do you figure out the guy who's really never been figured out?.

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