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That was awesome. Right, right. And cope's. I've told you now for the majors giants in little league. I've introduced the concept of the hump baby. Right. And I showed him the clip from nineteen six in that clip for Roger cakes is I got a lot of home babies on my team. And it's all the different players asking them to define hun baby. And Bob Bradley says well, then he can be anything. It'd be a great play diving. Catch a clutch hit a pretty girl a nice car. And then you go Kelly downs goes well, she in baseball. You have these two guys on your shoulders the guy, and you left shoulders really negative of these bad thoughts. The guy in the right shoulder is the winner. He's thinking the good thus. That's the home baby on your shoulder right there. And then we'll Clark psych means never giving up being resilient never out of a ballgame till it's over, and it's just it's just might creko says, basically, it's the same thing as you know, have a bitch in summer. The whole thing is fantastic. And the kids love it. They love it. They've embraced it. So we break all our huddles with one two three and they hold the am really. Baby. And then they hit the field. So I'm gonna play that song for them. So that is DC tell me did you get fired up. The news is going to be awesome, Susie said Darren Chan made this isn't going to be good. And how about the video of the of the quad candlestick to is something else because these guys are out there. They used to have a funny ad campaign. The guys are like frozen like like igloos the fog to you can barely see him like. Well, let's do it man. The giants are starting in San Diego today. Demand. I really am excited for opening day. A totally different feeling today than I did yesterday and yesterday afternoon, I realize I can't we all kinda like spill that out yesterday. But now we're playing ball. Bumgarner is on the hill. You know what I mean? Like, let's let's do this man and Boches last season, man. From our dear pal. Chris chris. Yeah. Man. Of course, our New York buddy who holds it down in the in in Manhattan for us. And he and he just said hope springs eternal, boys. Let's go he called Eighty-eight wins. Now. Eighty eight will be awesome. I don't know if it gets you in the playoffs. But there's a couple of things of note with Bruce Bochy seventy four wins, which copes I think Vegas hasn't right around that right? Seventy four seventy four would get him to two thousand in his career. That'd be great. That's important. That's milestone, very few managers have ever gotten to. I think it's only nine I'll look it up for sure right now. But and then the other this is a taller order ninety one wins that would be a magical season won the World Series. There are teams that didn't win ninety one game. It might have been right around that number ninety two and ten believe they won eighty eight. I think in twelve wasn't that an eighty fourteen one of those years they wanted. Cope. She things check. They want eighty eight in two thousand nine is that what you said. The World Series. Nineteen ninety was the lowest. Okay. Yeah. Yes. But anyway. And he would get to two thousand five hundred in his all time record because he's actually I know he's under. Yes, actually lost. He's what sucks which we won't. We won't bring up by the way, the managers with two thousand winds are Leo Durocher. Walter Allston Joe McCarthy Bucky Harris Bucky Harris Bucky Harris, I used to call him. Buck the bucks ter-, sparky Anderson. How about Joe Torry quietly sitting there with twenty three hundred y'all you're right. They ADA games in two thousand fourteen are you thank you. That blows my doors. Like, I would have bet money that they were not under ninety. I would have lost money. Great. Pulp I've always you're married that because it is so unusual for team to win research, and they just catch fire in the postseason. And the man you know, what they had great stat. Great stereo, Kelly's Eighty-eight wins is a World Series here, by the way, one more thing for Chris Kelly. I gotta finish this description. So Chris runs the floor. It's Saturday Night Live is the stage manager and there I was thinking about his schedule because they're probably working on a show today. Do they have a live when the same thing? So so, but here's the cool thing. He runs around the stage. He's telling Kate McKinnon where to go and Leslie Jones us, but he keeps the ear buds in. He will listen to the giants on the radio in his ear bud while he's running SNL grade is so great. And then Bobby Cox twenty five hundred Tony LaRussa, paulie, number three. All merv. I want a lot of ball games. Then Johnny McGraw number two with twenty seven then Connie Mack with thirty seven hundred. He's the only one so boats would join that crew. Here's Boches numbers. Murphy all time. He's eighteen games under he's. Wow. I mean, you start looking at these on paper one thousand nine hundred and twenty six wins and one thousand nine hundred and forty four losses. Sounds a lot of managers. I mean, that's like that's a lot of games managed. It all starts with as Cope's called him. Stevie doubles starts to Stevie devils. Now, let me just throw this out to you before we go to break back, and it's a fun opening day. Jeremy Affeldt is seven thirty. Chris Russo at eight Bruce Bochy at nine fifteen what's coming on nine fifteen. Bruce. Was more to hear more giants songs today too. By the way. And I'm just throwing this out there. And I know this is probably about. Two point five percent chance. What do you got? But BRUCE'S retiring, Bruce, Bruce, another one, I'll give it to you. Don't have to encourage me, Bruce, Bruce, and we did a thing at the junior giants play ball lunch. And he sat up there with another guy who was being interviewed by John Miller, and he's around, and he's still vibrant would dusty Baker. You know what? I mean. What it does? He tell him on the phone far Hans world. That's true. No. That's a good point. He'd be like what's your name again? That's fred. How old are you? Like, Fred, Fred. Phil name back, and I'm listening to miles Davis, man. You gotta get out of here. Right. Nice. Or Jimmy one of the other multi good choices. So I just put it at a two point. If you had to do the Vegas odds he'd be like the one hundred to one guy, but he's in the building. He's in the building. He's still it looks good. Goodie on scrambling. He's a great manager. Good energy about him got plenty of toothpicks. But he you wanna talk about the non analytics guy copes. He's the. I was gonna say he's like the anti four hundred because he just managed guy. He's veteran guys that I can manage four hundred will be pulling what little hair he has left out. When when dusty is like, yeah, I'm gonna leave Woody out here for another inning. The guy feels feel like my Solomon Torres..

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