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It California Dreamin was one of those songs that cut through everything on the radio it was different from anything else should come before it went to number four on the charts three months later this the Mamas and Papas had their first number one record with Monday Monday three months later again they went back to number five on the charts with I saw her again but by the time that song was released the group was already coming undone Michelle Phillips admitted to her husband John that she'd had an affair with other bandmate Danny Dougherty the previous year that's never really great thing to happen in any type musical group John said he was fine he would get over it and he and Danny sat down and wrote I saw her again it is a song about Michelle's affair yeah the only problem was the show was caught having a second affair with Jean Clark of the birds now husband John Phillips was so furious he got an attorney talk to the record label talk with cast and Danny fired his wife out of the Mamas and Papas and that happened just as a song about Michelle's cheating crossed into the top ten Jill Gibson was hired to replace Machel she even went on tour as the newest member of the Mamas and Papas including concerts in Denver New York Phoenix and on TV the Hollywood palace while the other three actually really liked her they greet Jill didn't have Machel stage presence or grit in her voice and so she would be replaced with you guessed it Michelle Phillips welcome back so basically Michelle Phillips got the summer off but there is.

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