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To bring you up to date information on potential, twenty twenty presidential candidates me up you the state of play this spring style were on the possible path to victory who's going to beat Donald Trump. Subscribe now to the candidates with Bret Baier wherever you get your chest, or Fox News, podcasts dot com. Affects LeMay shin point. Former FBI director James Komi lashes out at attorney general William bar over the molar report. Attorney general Bill Barr says he is determined to get to the bottom of what actually sparked a probe into the Trump campaign during the two thousand sixteen election and Russia telling FOX's Bill Hemmer. I think there was some very strange developments during that period. That's one of the things we want to look into, but fired FBI director James Comey is accusing the attorney general of acting like the president's spokesperson tweeting, quote the should stop sliding his own department, if there are bad facts show us, Bartels, Fox News in internal watchdog investigation of DOJ is expected to be wrapped up by next month in Washington shell Fox News company offers to rehire you Hampshire school cafeteria worker, Bonnie Campbell after firing her for giving a student, a free lunch when a highschool student went through her lunch line back in March, but didn't have enough money to pay for the meal. She wasn't about to let him go hungry. Letting him eat for free. Kim. Did tell the student to tell his mom he needed money. Didn't matter to the district manager at food service company fresh picks and the lunch lady lost her job, the next day coworkers quit in protest, parents were outraged. Fox's Jane Metzler, the legalization of marijuana. Moves forward in an east coast state. It looks like cannabis cafes could eventually becoming domestic -chusetts, anthr- vote by the states marijuana commission. This week there will be an initial test program, across many different communities as the state looks into the idea of allowing adults to consume weed in social settings bills are pending in the state legislature to allow these cannabis cafes. And they're also looking into letting people use it during some public outdoor events. John Sasa, Fox News and Pulitzer prize winning author Herman woke dies. He was just.

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