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Law is being followed. So it might involve some new rules, some new guidance, and more to come on that. But the bottom line is that these firms have to be clear and upfront with consumers. We're already seeing more people get into trouble and we want to take steps to make sure that we prevent harm before it, spreads. And finally, let's go over those big banks that are regulated. I understand there will be some hearings in the Senate in the house next week. We will focus on some of those big consumer banks, all of the names of which we know. What are the issues do you think there will be identified there? What should be pursued? Yeah, what's interesting is that there's more interest now, not just from the big Wall Street banks, but also those super regional banks that have a huge footprint in the lives of consumers. I wouldn't be surprised to hear a lot about overdraft fees. We see that some of the large banks in particular have really been charging billions and billions of dollars in overdraft fees in recent years, but a lot of them have made big changes. So I think we can expect to hear about overdraft whenever any bank CEO is being asked questions. And of course, really the state of the economy. Overall, consumers have been pretty strong. But there's some places where they're borrowing a lot more, including auto loans. So I think the consumer and the family will be in focus on how they're managing through the economy. Thanks to Rohit Chopra, director of the consumer

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