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Drew go rob a live on one of two point five to blow they while waiting for the sun when I old yeah well I went up well but it just a lot if you when it comes to the eighty Michael Jackson and Madonna were at the top of the right they've been at their heels were these guys do all Philadelphia general hall and John Oates no way I'm almost positive they are the third highest grossing of the nineteen eighties should be I mean kiss on my list you make my dreams mild rich girl lost that loving feeling they're watching don't education with the yeah I mean I consider the blue eyed soul which is nice way of saying white people sold this list is obviously not the yeah all I know it's not even on the number three that you're looking at I question these guys are in the same conversation with really appreciate them more than Michael Jackson or Madonna I'm just saying I didn't think they were that big of a deal they were a huge deal.

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