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Lutely i mean my opinion is that i am much more afraid of women gagua than i ever was mugabe mugabe was kind of in a way a above the kind of pay grade of the people that were ordering what was going on the terrible atrocities going on on the ground and that was directly undermine and gaga i think that there is there was a certain amount of goodwill someone and gaga people see him and seize on pf is having delivered them from robert mugabe who was seen as as perhaps as the greater evil so i think that kind of tied of goodwill you got rid of mugabe how fantastic let's vote few again is is is one thing that may mean that ironically for once zanu pf don't have to rig the election on the other hand the mdc is having a huge wave of popularity nelson chamisa very young new leader why say very young he's forty but he has huge rallies people are flocking to him but will you win the election it's very very unlikely will you mentioned the nelson chamisa who does look like he will be leading the movement for democratic changes challenge into the presidential election what does he have going for him besides the fact that not only is he not robert mugabe he's not leading zanu pf he respected party the mdc which suddenly has fractured in in recent years he's a bright guy he's has politically experience even served in the cabinet during the unity government he's a lawyer by trade and in fact i think still practices so he has some experience he's mustpha popular he's very very religious and god is important in zimbabwe people are very i think when you have very little else god is is something that takes on a an extra resonance and does he have the goodwill of the international agencies up something one one does i think recently the mdc's oatley in this kind of reversal been seen as as the party that criticizes the west mall mostly because they were very against the fact that britain immediately sent out to the the minister for africa roy stewart right after the nassir coup happens and the british ambassador katrina lying in zimbabwe scene is very very promo gug.

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