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Guess on those shows many years ago, many times with, then he time at the time Kimberly Kilfoyle Newsom Catherine crier. Now it's back at bigger than ever, and they bought back in as the lead anchor, and he is terrific. And he's back on Bernie and Cipro about the fifth time, we love him on bunny. Todd. What's going on? Good morning. Hey, listen, buddy. Coming on and talk about twenty five years since OJ Simpson. But the last time you're on with us. I want to that Kellen Winslow junior story again big time football player out of university of Miami, went to the Cleveland Browns and had some success there too not nearly as much as we thought he would have something what he'd be as good as his hall of fame died. Former San Diego, torture, Kellen Winslow. He never reached that status but it was still a good player. Then we find out this guy's Weightman women all over the country. And I guess, yesterday it came back guilty on the rape of a homeless woman. What an unbelievable story here is that the latest on Kellen Winslow junior. But it's been a really strange verdict. So yesterday, the jury did return a verdict guilty of the rape of a homeless woman, but they're still ate, more towns that are outstanding. So today, Jerry will continue deliberating and are still two counts of forcible rape. One dating back to thousand three of from a high school party. And another one of another woman who's been described as a transit out in Encinitas, California. So he could still be faking the potential of life in prison right now. He's looking at nine years as a convicted rapist Zuma. The reminds me the story very much a couple of years ago, the former pull bowl defensive back Darren short now Darren sharper, very similar to Bill Cosby, he would invite these, these. I guess NFL fans back to his hotel, and he would drug them sleep with them. Some woke up in the middle of the sex so shopper, closer ties be but he does become wins though. The second. NFL player along which for the last couple of years to be involved in well in rape. Yeah. The strange thing about this flow. The second is only thirty his accusers are in the late fifties. There's a one woman who's convicted exposing himself to she was in her sixties another one that some lewd conduct at the gym. She seventy eight years old. So this is deviant, strange behavior indeed. It is a Vinnie polygon from court TV Vinnie twenty-five years this week since OJ murdered a couple of people notoriously in very infamously now, let me ask you this before we ask you about OJ himself, I would posit to you that court TV owes its existence to OJ Simpson. Would you not agree? In part, I think it made it a household name at that point. But there were other big trials. Yeah, the Menendez brothers. You had fleeing Kennedy Smith. Their whole bunch of them, but absolutely. When you say OJ, people say, court TV afterwards, so it is it is part of the, the birthright of court. TV a lot on the bench. Rush, the bunch of them, twenty five years after the murders. OJ Simpson says life is fine. You know, the last time I went to rehab, by the way, they said to me, then fine is an acronym for eft up insecure neurotic, and emotional. And I gotta think OJ Simpson is all four of those, but I guess he thinks a life is fine because the truth is even after the Vegas stint and doing time for that crime. He should have been put away for the rest of his life back in one thousand nine hundred four. Yeah. That was he found liable for the for the death in the wrongful death civil suit. Right. But in the criminal case he was found not guilty. But at the end of the day, there was some evidence that came out during the civil case that wasn't part of the criminal case that would have been very helpful in that prosecution. But at this point, you know what you see from OJ Simpson, is much different is a much different person in the way he's living his life after getting out of prison. Then he was after being found not guilty of the double murders. Much more below the radar was much older. Yeah. I mean back then I remember back to Miami. He was still hanging out with white blonde. Chicks doing cocaine going to bars playing golf every day. I knew Jay after he got off the first time he was a younger guy in much different. He was. And everything was he was obsessed with court TV, by the way, because after the OJ Simpson travel, we would cover cases. Oftentimes situations would come up in a trial, and we'd make an analogy to the OJ Simpson trial, because everybody knew that case and anytime you would do that he would then call into court. TV guy was absolutely obsessed with it at this point. I think he's put all that as much as possible in the rear view mirror, and it's just focusing on, I guess, eating nice dinners, playing golf with his pension money from the NFL earns Rettig card indeed, Vinnie polygon from court TV, Vinnie before he was incarcerated for the quote unquote robbery. Whatever he was getting girls. He had autograph seekers and let me ask you this. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I don't know generally speaking are not crimes of passion treated differently than crimes motivated by greed or psychopathic behavior, even even rape. For example. To a certain extent. I think the other part of that was that there was, you know, he was a celebrity beforehand, and the way he was perceived by some people was someone who beat the system beat the government, one of the anniversaries, he came to court TV for a sit down interview with Catherine crier. And I stayed that night because my job was if OJ got up and left, I would go on with Catherine crier, because it was a live interview. But so I saw I'm walking through just past the green room had never met OJ Simpson in my life. And he calls up Vinnie. And he, he knew because he watched court TV all the time, and he explained to me in the green room that he loved going to Europe because he was he was regarded as a hero there, because he beat the American government part of the allure anyone that kind of gets away with something. And teach the big old bad government in some people's eyes becomes a hero while a lot of the folks that were cheering outside the courtroom African American folks said just that like we knew he was guilty. We don't care. He'd beat the system. But here's why he doesn't get what Bernie's talking about, you know, Bernie's talking about the crime of passion. Yes. If in fact, OJ Simpson came home one night, and he found his beloved wife having sex with Marcus Allen, for example, and he killed him. That'd be someone explainable. That's not what happened here. He was beating the living daylights out of this woman for years, it wasn't a all of a sudden climate passion. He was a very abusive husband, he should have been arrested ten times before that. So for me, the climate passion, thing goes out the window because he was an animal for years and private passion gets dealt with differently in our legal system as well. But this was premeditated murder, you look at all the steps that we're taking in everything that he did beforehand and afterwards that, that came out during the trial in the civil case I mean much different than just like crime of passion. It's you're not planning. You're not expecting to do it, it just happens. There's a moment where you have this irresistible. Impulse but that, that was not the case. So would you say that the ABC sports network ABC in general who employed OJ Simpson throughout those years when he beat the crap out of Nicole Brown? Simpson. Would you say this somewhat responsible for the ultimate murder for keeping them on, you know, enabling the guy? No, I will not I will not make ABC responsible. So in today's world it might be dealt with a lot differently. You know, if in fact, any of this stuff came out, because, you know, that things that happened, these days, get a lot more publicity, and there's much less room for people who are misbehaving at home to whatever level. So I think it may have been dealt with differently. But no, I do not hold them responsible. I do responsible though for hiring you. Yeah. Yeah. I always pissed off my wife Danielle who is a wonderful defense attorney Joe talk. Donald when I say this because OJ's defense team was quote unquote, just doing the job. When you look at what's happened since OJ was cleared of the crime. Not the civil case Johnny Cochran. Dead F Lee Bailey, disbarred Robert Shapiro's one only son dead of an overdose. I mean outside of Barry shack, almost every attorney, almost all of them that help OJ, get off has either died or had something life altering happen to them. So I always say karma is a bitch. The Tony's don't want to hear that, but the guy was guilty. And they know it. Yeah. That's interesting that you just saw a few weeks ago. He's doing great, by the way that incredible work with the essence project. But here's the thing that I have an essay I truly mean it that we need criminal defense attorneys, we absolutely without them aren't tire system of Justice crumbles day job is different than prosecutors. And we need them to if they don't do their jobs, and they don't take all the cases that they can, then we have no system, which is the best in the world, but it's not perfect, but most of the heirs are made to make sure the innocent are not imprisoned rather than making the mistake of putting guilty people behind innocent people behind bars. Vinnie court TV we're out of time. Are you guys doing something to commemorate this awful anniversary? Well, if you go on court, TV dot com, you can watch the whole trial today. If you want. Listen. Thank you. Thank you. Misjudge ito? I miss him. I don't know why, but I miss them and. Who was that frequent lived on? He's been on all these the, you know, the list celebrity. Okay..

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