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Right now holly adams is looking at the roads of southern california will holly lalo unfortunately we have to start with a sigler in irwindale on the northbound six five at lower road a big rig crash blocking the two right lanes has you backed up all the way from the sixty in lynnwood also eastbound five at long beach boulevard we have a collision there that's taking up the right lane and in santa ana on the northbound five at grand avenue stalled vehicle in the center lane has you backed up from jeffrey road we're already getting busy early anthrax friday afternoon we continue with the news right now sunshine across the area today with advertise mid upper sixties maybe some low seventy s in the valley where seventy two right now van nuys we're sixty five in downtown los angeles and seventy and even seventy and monte as we continue with the news and politics on kcrw welcome back to left right and center i'm josh barrow your center and senior editor at business insider on the right is rich lowry editor of national review on the left is ana marie cox political columnist and host of the crooked media podcast with friends like these it's been quite a week for foreign relations president trump hosted his first state dinner for french president emmanuel mccall mccone delivered an address to a joint session of congress in defensive multilateralism he's tried to position himself as the one european leader who can influence trump but he left washington warning that he expects president trump to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal a large mistake in his view as we take on friday german chancellor angela merkel is in washington to meet with trump and the heads of the two koreas had a summit where they agreed to move toward a peace treaty continuing what at least appears to be a significant de escalation of tensions on the korean peninsula onto it feels like we've come a really long way from president trump shouting at the australian prime minister and his first days in office has the trump foreign policy surprised you i think that's it's one consistent element.

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