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But I don't think in the grand scheme of things that's the tragedy of this week that they will destabilize the political or peace. Two journalists. Henry McDonald, the weather system that pounded an area from Texas to Pennsylvania. Lingers a lot of big storms up and down the eastern seaboard, Delaware, Maryland right up to Philadelphia New York City. It's going to be a stormy morning meteorologist Jeff Barrett. Ellie over the past two days, we've had thirty four reports of tornadoes and amend amounts of rain in the smoky mountains five to ten inches and devastating flooding in parts of that area. Five storm related deaths. Three of those in Mississippi. How does Sheree committee chairman Jerry, Nadler subpoenaing, the full unredacted Muller reports saying he sees obstruction of Justice in the four hundred forty eight page document is determined to see what determines to be an underlying piece of evidence. One twenty twenty democratic presidential vols calling for impeachment proceedings to begin Elizabeth Warren came out with a series of tweets and again calling for impeachment proceedings against the president of the speaker quickly. Put out a statement from her spoke. 'person emphasizing. We're gonna take this one step at a time. She Nicole killing in Washington. Little Colorado today reflecting on the Columbine massacre twenty years ago when to high school seniors killed thirteen people be very Peterson spoke with one survivor whose memories of that day, still very vivid labor was in his first year, teaching English and history Columbine that can see the slow wet of a gunman holding a long rifle, but I can also hear.

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