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Did you eat that chicken sandwich? Nick, Nick is finishing it. So good, really fantastic. Tschetter dog over there too. Yeah. You did with that mustard glorious cheese inside the dog. That's the key. Got it put cheese in that dog. We you can also follow us on on Instagram at Gary and Shannon. Somebody says, hey, must be a joy working. He apparently thinks I keep for Sutherland must be a joy working across from. I can't think of a celebrity. She reminds me of Shannon. I don't think I could keep talking when I look into her eyes Lowell. That's what that person is there. You're gonna find your post pictures of things I wanted to make sure it wasn't a serial killer. Wasn't troll later this later next hour, actually going to talk with page Riley was the founder approximate, we're gonna talk more about the history of that this place as a matter of fact, and in the one o'clock hour the story about Jesse small at the actor from empire. Who is beaten up on his way home from a subway restaurant in the middle of the night question, Mark. And he has given his first statement to essence magazine. But there's something weird about that story. We're gonna talk with Ryan burrow, who's in Chicago more about that case Ryan, of course, it's been on the cold weather beat for the last few days, but it's warmed up to at least ten degrees today in Chicago. So he's going to change topics for us. We are in the jams investment company building also known as the John's dome makes sense, doesn't it? Well, look. From the outside. You can also see is was there. I heard a bell at ten o'clock. Do you think there's a bell up there? I don't know the history of this is fascinating. Everybody knows this. If you drive through the Westwood village. You know, where this is at that five point intersection at Westwood Kinross and Braxton hence the name Braxton brewing in public house right now this was built in nineteen twenty nine this building built in nineteen twenty nine and was the first building that existed here in the Westwood village. It was a Mediterranean themed neighborhood at the time. And this building was home of the headquarters the headquarters for the Johns investment company run by the chance brothers Edwin and herald John's they were developers of said Mediterranean village. One of those guys is the guy who married what's his name's, let's daughter, isn't it. Herald. Let's daughter the weirdest part about this. And I didn't realize this until today the second floor of this building was the original men's dorm for UCLA. Lot of bad decisions made up there. There's a lot of broken during bad ghosts up there. The this may seem food guy eating up there go, but that's a real person right event. Like a ghost. This this building Charlie's bed was was. Designed by the same company that designed Royce hall and Kirk off hall on the UCLA campus. That's why it looks so similar to that. Oh, yes. The high portico and arched windows. It's been thinking ever since I got here. Gosh, this place reminds me of Royce hall writes, well, those the, you know, the steps in the main part of campus at UCLA, they're in every movie everywhere all the time. They're the steps that rocky ran up the rocky. No, they're that's Philadelphia. Right. But the the steps here at UCLA they're called the Japan's steps because the people who started this company in this building. Yes. Also home to contemporary casual nineteen Ninety-two hold on a second. They the contemporary Casuals was what most people that's what my wife knew it as when I was telling her where we were going. What building it was? She said that's a contemporary casual store. Yes. It's not it used to be. And then it was you know, what it was after that a warehouse music store for people who are, you know, Nick's. A Nick explain, you know, what a warehouse music stores. He doesn't know. Well, he's kind of an old soul. It's not like ATar center music store. It's okay. All right. Nick knows what a music store was. And then there was another another restaurant tour that actually came through in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and was gonna make this thing a euro Chow restaurant. Euro Chow restaurant, but actually painted over the white and zigzag on the rotunda. And he painted over in white and the Westwood rib. Design review board said that that will not stand. So they had to take off the white paint restore it to its old decoration. And then it went into a I think there was a Japanese restaurant in here or something for a while. But thankfully, our friends at Braxton brewery and public house have taken it over. And that's where we are today. I remember so badly wanting to be old enough to shop in contempt. Okasha walls. Think it was like the older sister were would would would shop there. My wife compared to compared to forever. Twenty one store. Yes. As. Mildly slutty. The hemlines are pretty high a lot of body suits and tube top type fashions. Tell me about that. Verdict. There are a couple programming notes that I want to keep you informed of. We just got word not too long ago that Kelly on the mo- Kelly show. Tomorrow night is expected to have Roger stone on he has been confirmed to be interviewed on the Kelly show starting at six o'clock tomorrow night. Now, the the catch in that is there is a potential for for Roger stone to have a gag order placed on him in court. Well, do they know that he's planning an appearance on the Kelly show it may play into the court testimony today, but I'm not quite certain. But that would be a big deal. If mo- is able to pull that off. And then MO also announced this week that on the next weekend. Danny Glover is going to be in studio with him Danny Glover senior he's going to be in studio with them. So that will be that would be a big deal as well. Full coming up next at the top of the noon hour, we always get you caught up on. All the stories. Everyone is talking about every where including twenty one people have died now in that in that polar vortex twenty one. That's an amazing number. Did you see that the story? The the one kid who died who was a pre med student. He wanted to. He went for a walk outside his dorm at at the university of Iowa, I think it was university Iowa Iowa State and then ended up about twenty steps away from his his dorm frozen. Solid. Well, you think you're thinking how could it possibly be? I'm only going to be outside for a minute. Well, you didn't read the all the news bulletins at said, it could take seconds to get frostbite slash hypothermia slash die. And he was almost doctor. Right. Think that would be the smarter way to take a swipe at his intelligence when is after he died. He's gone. Was he gonna do fight me? Wow. So the other story that and we'll talk more about this at twelve thirty as well. We get into swamp. Watch Elizabeth Warren has come out. And I think this is potentially a way to kind of scrub her record before she announces that she will run for president. She apologized to the Cherokee nation for her decision to take a DNA test approve her native American ancestry. The fact that she had to apologize to the Cherokee nation on the eve of her announcing her twenty twenty run is a problem for her. Well, the thing is Furthermore, Kamala, Harris has sucked all the air out of that room. I mean, I I don't know who's going to be stepping forward. I I don't know who's in it for Elizabeth Warren at this point. Now, the Cherokee nation, apparently she should have never taken that test. When we come back. We'll do those trending stories. We're live today. Approximately in public house in Westwood come on out and say, hi, still an opportunity grab some lunch. Grab a beer. Whatever you like we'll be out here until two o'clock today. Gary and Shannon will continue.

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