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City hall Pat lobe KYW newsradio it's six oh to a federal appeals court is out with the ruling on obamacare details coming up after we check traffic and weather on the news and Justin drama kicks off are they slutty in good news traffic once again getting through on the ramp from ninety five south the Columbus Boulevard system of equipment on the ramp from an earlier crash but is backing up the vine eastbound trying to exit for ninety five south but again everything's open again so that should ease up in a few more minutes the rest ninety five busy south bound between Cottman Avenue Gerard in the north bound slows from the pens landing settle up to just past the Betsy Ross bridge seventy six Google express very still generally jammed eastbound between four seventy six Belmont flows again from Gerard Devine westbound still plenty of volume from fair Avenue to the line should expressway and slows again from the approach the Boulevard out to Belmont Avenue in Warminster Bucks county street road blocked in both directions between Davisville road in centennial road let's do a crash when the township it's Germantown play him solid both directions near four seventy six that's due to an accident and then for twenty two west I'm busy with volume from two OO to the past oaks were seventy six the bluebird slugger southbound right around route three north bound still jam between ninety five McDade Boulevard Delaware River bridges quiet New Jersey it's broken down tractor trailer slowing down traffic on two ninety five north approaching the black horse pike it's off to the shoulder about two ninety five generally sluggish between rich thirty eight seventy flows again from the white horse pike to forty two mass transit is on a closed the schedule I'm just a job I can K. with either the twenty four hour traffic center and now the eyewitness weather five day forecast sponsored by Max pulls Ardmore in central city Toyota your CVS threes Kate bilo mainly clear tonight calm and cold with a low of twenty four tomorrow clouds and some sunshine it will be the coldest day of the week with a high of thirty eight degrees and a chilly breeze from the east Friday increasing clouds a high of forty six and that cloud cover is increasing out ahead of our next system which will ride up the coast on Saturday looks like most of it will stay off shore but we will keep it cloudy and chilly at forty four degrees with the chance for a shower in the city and possibly some light rain the farther east you go Sunday will clear it out partly sunny windy again with a high of forty eight degrees Monday is sunny and mild or to start next week for up to fifty three for the high clear sky.

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