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To pursue acting. At what point did you discover? You did work at Circle in the square with Mamat. Is that when I went to Nyu? That's when I started studying with him. It was a class and he at some point shows like twenty of us and he said I'm going to have a thing over the summer here is and that was the beginning of the Atlantic Theater Company. All my God A. He's one of my favorites and I've heard I just fascinated by him and his place. What were you aware of? You read his place of him and I thought he was a really incredible teacher. I learned a lot Although when it was time to like do they're like okay? This is GonNa be the company and you guys write this. I mean I liked everyone but I knew they weren't my people for some reason and I'm not even sure if I got ass back I have to. I can't I kind of a murky feeling about those member like teacher because I know his whole ethos is all acting. Ethos is that you just say the words you say this this dictates everything. I think that's where I had probably. That would be time. Oh no I remember what happened. YEP so basically he's like Oh Strasbourg feel the music with your toes and he was saying and I understand. He's just like do the words. Get your intention figure out what you're doing Blah Blah Blah. Which to me is like one on one. You have to do all that stuff and even stink do it anyway. And it's it's a good technique But then when I went back Anyone who says oh you these other people. I'm like I'm going to go study at Strasbourg. Now I'm going to go study with playwrights. I did what you weren't supposed to do it. And why you move around but oh I I would think that would be a good thing to kind of sample. They don't let you did it anyway and Because I'm a I'm a rebel. Rouser no I I was. I was curious about it. And then we'll soon as I graduated college I kind of had my own gang of friends from Nyu and just from around like Fisher Stevens and Oh yeah your house line again and you know frankly lazy and bill and all of a sudden and said fuck it. Let's just start our own theatre company and so we start naked angel. Oh that's right. That's yeah oh it was born out of that. I mean I didn't go that way and I kept. I love the idea of it but something didn't feel totally fit for me and I thought I mean I do think they really go by David's. I think there was so much it was like the Sanford. Meisner method that. I think it's really great but I also wanted to do big emotional crazy shit. That didn't really fit into what he was doing as much. And so I wanted to learn methods stuff sensory work and so you started doing actual were you doing original Kenny. Lie Naked Angels. Can you WANNA again right there? And Robert John Robin Beta lawn again more and light while we had an insane group of writers. And we're all just doing one action. We're all just saying let's put on a show because no one was hiring us and would you say of the original members of the naked angels. Your parts were the worst or I had the silent ones the SMELLY. That's what I sure. I would usually like blame like Fisher. It's easy to blame Fisher. Es Flames looks like a far look. At what point after that? Did the film career really kicked into high gear. Was It showgirls. No showgirls was a little bit later. I had done Sinatra mini series. Okay so you were working consistently I was working. I was either doing theater. I started the L. A. T. C. In La or I was doing Like dumb movies in trying to do stuff and then Michio girls is definitely the biggest high profile. I noticed you've never done anything longer than six. You've never done a series like a six year long one of those long term commitment. I do. I was wondering if that's what I you know I actually. I think it's one of the one things. I'm not a big believer in regrets. I think things happen for a reason. Why am I love? Regret but book on do you do. What do you regret Don't get me started really relationships you know. I'm not getting into the relationships but staying in them. I suppose because of my own guilt in whatever reasons that it now seems so silly and petty. They just weren't ready to get out. Yeah but it's like I know it's a waste of time waste of time and I have a couple of those talk about that after especially when it comes to doing a character like the idea of doing a character for more than let's say like a year or two years at that to me seems like it might not be as yeah. I was nervous about that. And then the my first series that I did that I really did was a David Kelly show and I didn't really want to do it and everyone's like Oh David Kelly. He's great but I just saw part was there and then I went in and they ended up offering it to me and I just talked about really. I had just had a really bad break up so I was in L. A. and I just wanted to get to New York where my friends were and where I felt safer for some reasons your family still in La at a but my relationship and my whole big break was just like. I need to get a then date I was like. I don't know David and done alley. Mcbeal Yeah Yeah Oh okay. Let's coming off of that and so I said I kind of like the guys parties like right you. You could be the guy and I kept saying you know I'm GonNa get sick of playing the same part. He said. Well you'll be something different every week and I'm looking at anything I said. I mean there's a reason why he's David Kelly. I'm like Shit I can't turn this down and so I said yes and Michelle pfeiffer to be. Eventually she was like fine. I'll be with you. Make It really fun. He's like the nicest I heard. I heard he's great and we kind of made a side deal. I'm saying I'm really in a weird place right now. One if I get scared about being on this show one if I want if I got. He's at anytime you're sick of it. Just give me the word. Well stop it and everyone's like Oh you're stuck and I said I trust the sky and it was fun. I got to play different parts and I didn't realize how great I had with him but he was doing like four other shows so when he wrote I loved it wasn't I was like wait a second and I didn't even know what a show runner was be like. What's worth your hair? I'm like what's with your shoes with the right attitude what After a year I got out of. I said I was very depressed. Doing what was the show called? It's called SNOOPS. Oh yeah remember soon. Not just because they're not as show. I was just snap now. I was just in a bad head space during that time and I I think I was just too affected. I couldn't think straight but looking back. We should've kept going would have been like let's change it become a producer on like he was so and. I didn't understand how how marred that was to get someone like him to do. Show now trying to get showed under Michael Davis and take my call remember. Remember the lightning that we can work together. I guess you lied. And what happened to the show? The show just folded Wow Wow what. What kind of thing are you looking to do? Now we're Kinda Show and David Kelly's listening David Kelly so gina he doesn't talk about where that came from. Hold on Michelle's texting me again. How does the worst? I've never heard him talk and I don't know it'd be fun to create a show. I JUST WANNA be at this point on a show. Maybe not such as Improv as kermit certainly the freedom with really good people who I know who I like and I've sold a couple of shows with a nave. Never actually gone so. I'm really trying to figure out what I've done. I mean the last shows I've done had ended up being musical stuffed. I did a car you didn't you weren't here when I did my residency. The Cafe Carlyle. No I heard about. How long was that? Fun is two weeks and I wrote a one woman show that I keep thinking maybe I should bring that back and do it somewhere. But Oh things he's doing music and I did another one woman show that turned into a book. The might remember my cat booked How I found my pussy and lost my mind I search of Cleo was about my hat American but I wrote a one woman show about that. That was re I really liked. I'd like to do something like that again. But if you pussy something involving a procedure one does now. I liked him music with your brother. Yeah like a young adult book and what inspired that? He came up with this idea and he told me about it he said. I wrote this book at this idea and I was like. Wow that's really great. Where did you steal that idea from you said I didn't I wrote an Hannity's pages? Alternate you sweetie stolen a writer. When did you start writing? What does he do He's kind of an entrepreneur. Has some crazy thing on the Internet now with color and It's it's pretty out there but it's pretty great. Zen Color Occur But anyway to make a long story. Short ice looked at it. I said you could write this book as a this is a great movie and he never wrote it and then it just kept bothering after three years. I'm like you need to write that things. I WanNa make a movie out of it and I. It was like back and forth. You do it you do it. Yeah finally we wrote it together and cool after about a year and a half And then it turned into a book and then Spielberg bought it like before it even worn out Frank Spielberg Francs Filbert. No Steven Spielberg even know. Gilbert side only gone to market and so then Richard Lebron as was stream play. We had kind of a Dream Team and then it went into that development howl and kept Langley. Why are you making it like this familiar story? A why is it now? I mean I actually own everything I took the rights back. I keep seeing all David Kelly. Kelly it's cute but then it was before Diary of a teenage kid and before twilight okra. To end it there. Is You know vampires where we'll send it to kind of kid who cries wolf. It's really cute. Yeah but I feel like there's just such There's like an unending appetite for stuff like that and I know I think I need to get an agent. I was wondering. Why aren't I going out? Roy Forgot why? Why don't you have in this case? I saw you doing. Okay all my jobs I need to get. I decided today I need to get an agent but a good agent well. Yeah ideally You're an actress in Hollywood throughout the eighties. Nineties two thousand. You've I'm sure you've seen your share of deplorable behaviour. That is you know. Thankfully coming to light with a lot of these You know I kinda I had Maybe the closest with one time I have to say like the audition. Nagai said something creepy like. Oh you're so cute when you get up and walk around and I was doing theater then need to make some money. Yeah and immediately. I was like us if you're going to be gross. I'm just GONNA leave. Well he's like all off you. Delete 'em like see later. Good luck and I left and guess what I still got the part no shit and then on the set. I'm like you know we're GonNa get along great if you just don't talk to me. I was there for two days with money but I I don't know I always maybe because out of big brother or something where I grew up In the valley and a lot of weird stuff was going on. I mean I just always kind of learned how to really. I've gotten very close to very bad situations. I always had to kind of get out of situations and being very vocal and very directing getting out of there and you would probably be because of your upbringing. A six tenths of of when there was trouble or danger a foot during the air. Yeah I'd been a couple of situations where you kind of learn how to defend yourself a little bit and but I have to say I have to say I think out of all of this you know I just hope like remember when like just say no to drugs. I just hope that girls. 'cause everything is shifting as you're growing up and boys whoever you know as a young person or a vulnerable person you need to really learn to look someone in the eye and say don't do that right and because it makes all the difference in the world and I understand how people are scared of that but you know also I have to say even. I think when I got showgirls. I was so excited because I thought Oh my God I grew up a dancer and it was like I thought it was like Fosse like movement. Yeah I was looking at basic instinct and I was thinking had done basically Just before that was this movie well and all his Dutch films it was obsessed with his dot com. And I thought Oh my God. This guy's a director in basic instinct. I that was cool. And so when you know like. I said I had grown up being a modern dancer so like dancing around like that. It wasn't that big of a deal for me because I thought I'm dancer I could. I could marry that with acting. Oh my God this is fantastic screen. Part a great part in part that. I didn't think I was going to get. I thought I was too young by lake kind of lied about my age and said it was much older because at first. I read it. Which part of my plan not old enough to play? Oh Yeah you're supposed to be like the kind of more seasoned leg. It was like all about eve and I thought wait a second the Margot instead of evening so I think I'd put on so much make up and I think I lied about my age and I.

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