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Ios and sunny stadium california shows on their you know wrestling with just talking about and how cannabis stocks are getting hammered because brokerages can't deposit their stock because of the federal thing however you brought up something along time ago which is very timely for today because we have a lawn gore from cotton invest someone who's also cryptocurrency you thought you know the answer to this whole thing where where you can't do federally insured deposits is crypto currency perhaps perhaps perhaps crypto doing auction whereby for fifteen thousand dollars for rights you check fifteen thousand dollars yes our next item is twenty thousand so this is like to launder money basically through it i never said that hi it's been a brilliant idea highest bidder we're going to give you a check for for twenty five thousand dollars right now we're gonna give you twenty five thousand for twenty two thousand dollar check lease bright make it out to i mean honestly that would be that'd be i think he'd last about a month still it'd be a great idea just enough to pay for the lawyers yeah yes but i don't know if cannabis many shops would take that kind of cut like would they take ten percent haircut pose we'll give you we'll give you a twenty we'll give you twenty five thousand dollars cash if you give us a check for twenty two thousand five hundred which as you're making ten percent sure go so you're doing the math glenn at brought this up it's a subject to discuss in fact this area night our first auction cannabis cash you can't call it better than bitcoin here's the deal people bidding well how do you think about this we'll throw in like a limo ride give you a check for thirty two promised you'd say i'll give you a check for thirty thousand dollars or twenty thousand of the castro you would never do that well or lower or the money gets moldy like el chapo or something you know the name was the coke guy yeah the money go ahead to bury money and then it got to throw it away oh i see because moldy money moldy monetary that's my gaelic along see him only money this is why londor.

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